Hit Registration Broke


since 2.0.11 , the general registration of different hits is very inconsistent. I tried it with friends in client and host mode. I also talked to some random people in game noticing it too.

So whats happening in detail. One example would be firing an arrow and it will go right through an enemy without hitting or staggering him , its just not registering at all. Same thing applys to normal swings , you can even test it on dummys in the keep. It will occur from time to time. It also applies to pushes or push attacks.

We had the very same problem in Version where i already made a video of it. Since 2.0.11 its back. Here is my Video from the Patch , its basically the same bug reoccuring.


I noticed that on ranged weapons a lot, never on melee. Thanks for pointing that out!

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