Stormfiend- something went really wrong with that imp which controlls it

The Stromfiends need a really big service, today it took almost 5 mins to get down on stairs. They sometimes just walk into the wall and keep walking, taking no attention that we damage it. just keep walking.

The other thing is when there is elevation, for example it is downstairs, in on a higher ground and it targets me from below it sometimes damages through the floor. We can see that the green flame goes right through the floor, putting on you the long DoT.

the other bosses doing strange things lately, certain teleports, missing climbing animations, just teleport from ledge to ledge, teleporting ahead to the player, you cannot get aggro from a downed ally even if you ult on it (BH, BW, Merc, WHC), takes no interest in it, keeps killing the downed ally. We didnt meet such bloodlust before CW.

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