One shotting Bosses

Yesterday I played a QP round on Skittergate and we got a Stormfiend right after the first drop down in the first big area.
I am not sure whether this issue is closely related to Stormfiend, my guess is no.
So what happened:
The stormfiend got staggered by me off the boardwalk as a Foot Knight with the talent that increases power against enemies for 2 Seconds I believe it is, that get hit by valiant charge.
Stormfiend started climbing up again after getting out of stagger and while it was in climbing animation I threw a grenade right in it’s face and the Stormfiend was no more.
I am pretty sure the power increase effect of the valiant charge has already vanished.
As you can imagine I was really surprised how quickly the stormfiend died.
It must have been 5 seconds from spawning in to goodbye Stormfiend.
So i was like, hmm interesting, let’s wait for the endscreen scoreboard how much damage I did to that boss.
Turns out I did 196 damage to the boss and I was the only person doing damage.
So at that point I knew it was a bug that killed the Stormfiend.
Don´t get me wrong I am OK with bosses being killable by pushing them off of an edge and out of the map because there are only a few placed where you can do that which limits the options.
This bug on the other hand is something I wouldn´t consider fair or fun.
As I already said numerous times here, I absolutely cannot stand any form of cheese strats and this clearly falls into this category.
On a side note: This seems to work with staggering ults also.
I am pretty sure that this bug has been around for a while now. Where bosses get pushed up- or downwards on small vertical ledges that causes the bosses to die at a certain point.
Unfortunately my recording tool decided to not record that part so I don’t have video footage of the bug right now.

I did a couple of tests earlier to solidify my theory of this being bug.
I tested whether a stagger or damage value was unproportional in some instances that could cause this and it didn´t no matter what I tried I never could create enough damage or stagger values to oneshot bosses. Good so it’s not a bug adds weird values that would cause this.

Please Fatshark, I know under all these piles of paper with written notes of bugs you can find a spot for this in the higher priority stack.

  • Steps to reproduce the issue - hard to reproduce, if one would try though I think it would be:
  1. Step: Find a vertical surface with a slightly diagonal gradual rise (roofs, streets, pathways aso), 2. Step: Use Staggering Ult (Footkight, Merc, WHC aso) and or grenades to stagger it up and or down the vertical surface, 3. Step: ???, 4. Step: PROFIT!
  • How consistently the issue occurs for you - rare to mid
  • Screenshots and/or video evidence - unfortunately no evidence

This the same “feature” as with assassin killing itself on sharp parts in the geometry by jumping into them.
Only the stormfiend is slow enough to be killed this way, when you push it into/onto egdes/spikes/generally “sharp” parts of the geometry.
It’s not a normal death, it takes the die with it too.
I presume it cannot calculate enough ground to be on and it despawns it somehow. It’s a exploit which needs more luck than coordination, I presume once they fixed important things, this will be fixed too in the coming years.

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