Bring back lingering Stormfiend fires

Maybe I’m remembering this incorrectly, but didn’t the stormfiend leave lingering trails of fire in the beta?

He was advertised as being a boss where you need to “strategically plan your positioning”, but I think he’s become the biggest pushover of all the bosses now, even more so than the simple rat ogre. If that was brought back, his difficulty would go up considerably.

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You mean like those green flames on ground that burn you when you walk into them?


(sorry I have evil mood today :imp:)

I could be mistaken, but I’ve played around 50 hours of V2 this last week and I can’t say ive ever noticed the lingering fire trails the stormfiend is supposed to leave behind. Again, I’ve got no evidence for this, just anecdotes, but in o.p.’s deffense the flame trails seem to either fade very rapidly or are no longer present. Unlike the Troll, I never really need to worry about possitioning against the fiend.

I’m like 98% sure now that that was the case in the beta. There’s also this in the develop blog:

“As the battle commences, the ground will quickly become a maze of flames, making it crucial that you choose your terrain carefully.”

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I can’t remember in the beta, but i’m 100 hours in to the full release because I don’t have a life, and can say with certainty that their is no lingering damage from the fire trails left on the ground.

A real shame IMOP, as you said the storm fiend is definitely the easiest boss, despite being the most unique.

I’ve faced a few in the last hours and they definitely leave a trail of fire.
Well, sometimes the fire is invisible, and sometimes it doesn’t deal damage, but it’s there. Sometimes.
Though I suppose on some maps you can be glad if the stormfiend gives you the time of day and even attempts to shoot you. ^^

Stormfiend is more of a “shy” boss. It’ll try to keep a certain distance and shoot fire at you, only swatting when you get close and charging at lower life. There is definitely fire that does damage, but it’s not particularly difficult to dodge if you have the room. Standing in the fire it leaves behind for too long will burn you. I like this boss a lot because he’s one of the least ridiculous when the game sends everything at you.(patrols, specials, hordes, all the ambiance units).

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