Stormfiend MIA on Into the Nest - unable to progress

A Stormfiend spawned shortly after getting into the residential area, it was in a bad place but bots are bots, so I made do. ofc a horde spawned almost instantly and I focused on the horde and storm vermin to keep the bots safe.

A few specials spawned in amongst all that, and in the chaos, I didn’t see where the Stormfiend went.

Eventually, everything calmed down but there was still no Stormfiend insight.

I searched about and ended up being forced off a drop by some storm vermin.

Once safe I turned on my stream as it had already been a few minutes since I last saw the Stormfiend.

here is the stream highlight (warning, FPS is terrible, as I’ve uncapped game FPS to try and improve performance, the game runs fine for me, but the stream recording is dead as I was using a CPU encoder) it’s 10 minutes of sitting in one place on cataclysm waiting for a storm fiend to turn up, before throwing myself off a cliff:

console-2021-04-27-20.25.48-64181149-6366-40cc-83db-4c37fac5155b.log (797.7 KB)

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Can’t see the clip, but explanation seems clear enough

it’s 1-2 fps, you’re not missing much. It’s nausiating to watch tbh.
CPU redering when CPU was already maxed really butchered it. All I had at the time.
Admin can probably get the actual link, its just the auto-embed that’s not working.

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