Stormfiend fire makes me crash

Before patch 1.6, I would occasionally freeze and crash to desktop while fighting a Stormfiend. Now it happens regularly, even after a clean install of video drivers and setting all video settings to minimum. I can replicate the bug quite reliably by spawning a Stormfiend in the modded realm and just sitting back while bots fight it. So far, the crash happens no later than the third successive Stormfiend, and often on the first. It only happens when there’s green fire on the ground. Yet, I can spawn an absurd number of Warpfire Throwers, have them fight the bots, and kill them by blowing up the fuel tank and so far I haven’t been able to make it crash that way.

GUID: 1160ba49-b500-4fe4-8227-27866151422c
Log File:
Info Type:
Crash Link: crashify://1160ba49-b500-4fe4-8227-27866151422c

Hmmm it does appear your GPU is crashing at that point. It’s unfortunate that a clean re-installation of your GPU drivers didn’t help, could it be possible that your GPU is overheating? If you need help determining this, let me know.

Using Open Hardware Monitor, after each crash GPU core temperature maxes out at 50-60°C from an idle temperature of 34-40°C. GPU load however goes to 100% every time. Since yesterday the game now crashes within seconds of Stormfiend fire appearing, every time. Still does not crash even with enormous numbers of Warpfire Throwers.

Also noticed another error while testing this. Every once in a while one of my game files gets corrupted and causes a crash when loading into a certain map (currently Festering Ground). Verifying through Steam never thinks there’s a problem so I have to track down the offending file, delete it, then Verify. Vermintide 1 had the same problem.

GUID: 99f20a79-ebb5-4e14-b68c-7feb464336fa
Log File:
Info Type:
Crash Link:

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