Stopping the ogryn charge, grenade quick throw and other

First point:
Would it be possible to have a kruber like option to stop the ogryn charge with garde or using the ult again? as of now any charge can put you out of position or in a pit when you only want to control immediat threats a few meters in front of you.

I know Vtide didn’t offered that but I feel like taking and throwing a grenade, espacially with the ogryn is a bit less fluide and easy to do in hight mele than before. Could it be possible to have an option so pushing the grenade button take out and arm a 'nade and releasing the button throw it instently?

  • Also I would love to be able to link croutch to both ctrl and c and other option for double key assignment.

  • finally (for now) I think always having an emporor gift of a grey weapon when you unlock a new arm could be a nice thing. Finally unlocking the new shiny toy only to have to waite three hours for the merchant to offer one is sometime frustrating. At least that way we can test it in the psychanium and in mission to know how much we want to invest in it.

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Regarding the first point, it’s already possible :
Just use your backward key (S by default) during your charge.

EDIT : Just checked right now in Meat Grinder, just in case, it still works :wink:


really? haven’t tried this, if that’s the way then tanks a lot :slight_smile:

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