Martyrdom Mechanic?

So the animation for Veterans when they equip grenades is to pull the pin and hold the lever down. You expect me to believe that when I get downed my character has the time to put the pin back in? I’m already downed I don’t think anyone but the enemies that downed me are gonna mind if I just drop the grenade at my feet.

I get that it won’t really work for Ogryns but they’re usually the last ones standing anyway unless it’s gearing up to be a TPK.

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For the Ogryn when down he is downed, he falls on the box , crushes it and the pressure and shock detonates the grenades.

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A Martyrdom Feat could be a fun mechanic. So that as long as you have a grenade left when the Vet is downed he automatically drops it at his feet doing damage to all nearby. And that would help the other team members get to him and get him back up as well by clearing the area directly around him. And to be a fair mechanic it would use that grenade up. When the Vet gets up off the floor it’s gone from his inventory. That way the Vet player would need to decide if he’s gonna toss his last grenade, or save it for an emergency.

Good idea Citadel!