Stopped seeing Ogryns altogether

I don’t recall the last time I saw an Ogryn outside of the Mourningstar. They just don’t seem to exist in missions anymore.

Are they really that bad, even with the new weapon? I had a blast leveling my shield og, but he just felt terribly restricted when I hit Heresy.

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I just ran a mission that had 3 Ogryns. As Veteran. The slab wall was real - only way I could get shots off was getting someplace very high, heh.

More often than not my games will have at least one Ogryn in it. Though judging by various polls I’ve seen in the community, Ogryn is the least popular class by a moderate margin, trailing just behind Psyker.


i see more ogryns when i play one


i dont see them too often, much less than vet anyways

IMO ogryn just isn’t that fun and doesn’t have a place in the current team structure

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I still enjoy taking my ogryn out when I want to be an anchor for my team and keep enemies off of them.

I play Ogryn with some frequency, but I don’t see a lot of them anymore. They seemed more popular when the game first launched. It’s a shame. When a team has a good Ogryn, it makes a huge difference (in my experience). Same with Sharpshooter, so much with Zealot or Psyker.


Me too!! It’s actually insane. When I play my Zealot there is not a single one to be found, but when I’m in my Ogryn every other game is me and one or two other bros.


It’s just because the player base is down from people feeling let down. Ogryn weren’t a huge portion of the community before, but as it stands with fewer and fewer people playing each day they’re much less common. I main one now, but always run into others when I play every other game.

People are leaving the game, but also it might have a lot to do with difficulty level. Over malice Ogryn without a shield can only be played by the best, with a shield by more but shield feels clunky so I’m betting a lot of people drop down a level to run Ogryn so they don’t die to ranged and don’t need a shield.

pretty much yeah, if you don’t have the absurd amount of Tide game experience nerds like me have Ogryn is basically a getting shot simulator. Honestly even being good at the game it can still sometimes feel like hell.

I feel like success with ogryn in heresy+ depends more on team composition and playstyle than anything else. If you’ve got a team that can (and will) deathball around with you, you’re unstoppable, but if you don’t have at least 2 other people who can do that you just get isolated and shredded.

Unfortunately, team comps and playstyles aren’t ever consistent (thanks to the team auto-disbanding after each run) so it’s usually safer to play something less team-reliant, like literally any other class.

Could be a lot of the really good ogryn are on the discord running premade and not hitting pugs that much.

I think most people who were interested in Ogryn started off as one, and slowly started trying out other classes. Ogryn is still my favourite by far but right now I’m playing a Veteran and trying to do their Heresy penances. I’ve already done Zealot, and my Psyker will be up next.


I first lvl up my ogryn lvl 30, then get him full yellow. Am now lvling my zealot (zealot knife spe bleed crit goes brrrrrrrr)

PS : no need shield on T5, only a good knife with +x toughness, all curios at +15-16% tough AND a perk with +4-5% tough. Get the %reduc when bleeding and bull rush causing bleeding and you’re good to go!

Ogryn needs some survivability buffs. Right now even if you have good vets on your team the ranged enemies on 4-5 are just extremely oppresive. I know shield exists but it shouldnt be a requirement.

Add to that a lot of buggy stuff surrounding Biggie that affect damage output and a very strange range philosophy coupled with gimmicky/useless blessings on them, and it’s rather painful to play compared to a Zealot.

It isn’t one.

@ the topic: Originally played ogryn and probably prefer it, been playing my zealot more (When I was playing, I haven’t played in a few days out of annoyance with the servers and other issues) because it’s less awful when the server takes a dump on your game. Where ogryn will melt if the server screws you over, at least on my zealot I have the passive to help me stay alive.

Until they fix the servers I’ll likely be mostly playing my zealot in general.

zealot and vet are the most simple, straightforward classes to play. its very easy to get fun out of them for an average player, regardles of the difficulty. that’s why most people play them i think.

but playing ogryn is more of a challenge rather then fun on higher difficulties. because he requires more game awareness than other classes. you’ve got to make right decisions, otherwise you will get punished hard and your team may as well.

but i think that challenge is not permanent, it’s overcomable and behind it lies fun.
people just didn’t figure out ogryn yet, or they didn’t even bother to.

why puting effort to get fun out of ogryn, if you just can play crit zealot and straight have it.

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Veteran here. I still have plenty of Ogryns jumping in front of my gun, maybe we can trade? :laughing:

Everyone seems to love NORK when he runs missions. Higher success rate with him in 4s than any other class so far, and (to me) feels very, very good as a supporting character, letting sharpshooters and psykers murder ranged things without up-close molestation and zealots smash hordes without any fear of getting overwhelmed. A tight team seems to work really well, as it turns out.

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