Stopped playing on a sour note (a tiny post with a tiny bit of feedback)

Usually I’d do big posts but I ain’t got the drive.
Games not fun for me anymore. Originally I was just going to make a superthread about the 2h greataxe but I feel this one is more reflective on the state.

I’ve started winning, somewhat occasionally in pugged into catas but I’m not having fun. Drop into legend and I’m not having fun. The previous methods of approach and build philosophy are right out the window, taking incidental damage and having to opt into significant portions of my life is not fun and unlike L4D2 ExPro this game feels it has weaker foundations for spawning conventions when wanting to force this method of play.

As I’ve made in a post in some thread, I was going to give it a few dozen or so hours. I’ve done that, and noticed at the end of this night after I was on a rather consistent win streak that I simply was not enjoying myself. And you know I can’t pinpoint a reason. I mean one of my biggest hopes was exactly for a harder difficulty.

  • Could be that the game feel has changed and I no longer like what it’s about.
  • Could be that I feel player skill is now at the mercy of randomness and the game not being buggy
  • Could be that it feels the type of game they’re wanting requires maps that don’t exist in this game like they did in L4D2 and Spacehulk.
  • Could even be that despite my inclination of genres that have high states of failure, when personal skill is involved I feel more harshly when factors occur that cause a failure that I believe are outside the realm of constructive improvement.
  • Could even be that my expectations were eschewed because I was hoping for a steady buildup of already established systems instead of a restructuring to force in new (and in my own opinion, rather half baked) gameplay loops

Who knows. Solos still happen albeit with admittedly less consistently, group play has gotten better, but I just don’t like the game as it is now.

Originally I was just going to make a 2H axe thread and leave it at that, but I think I’m actually done for awhile. To you all that really enjoy how the new game plays I sincerely hope you have tons of fun into the future.


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