Stop releasing patches before testing them

With 2.0.13 releasing a litany of bugs, it became undeniable that Fatshark is releasing patches without testing them.

One of the patch notes was to fix a reload animation issue with handgun on head shots. However, handgun head shots have bugged sound and an even worse reload animation bug. This is 100% consistency. There is absolutely no way this could have been tested before being released. It is inexcusable to put this little effort into anything. If i performed this poorly and carelessly at my job I would be fired in a heartbeat.

Side note: Please go back to 2.0.12 until you can fix all of the bugs you created in 2.0.13.


although worded a lil harshly, i agree that this patch hurt more than it helped. or atleast it feels that way. sadly, reverting to 2.0.12 might not be possible as this patch is for the Halloween update too

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Is it though? Perhaps I would agree if it was the first time this had happened.


Holy Jesus … and again a Patch by Fatshark breaking loads of stuff while “fixing” stuff. This is what i get from coming back to the game with a new patch … a kick in the balls. Thank you Fatshark , great work as usual … im looking forward to the Geheimnisnacht Patch … enjoying a once in a year special event to the fullest with your overall garbage quality.

Who is testing these patches ? Who ? Is there even somebody doing it ? I highly doubt it. With 2.0 i was disappointed … now im getting really pissed. Fatshark studios … oh man


I’m beginning to suspect that an insider on the dev team is deliberately trying to crash the company’s value in preparation for a hostile takeover bid.


It is more likely that the dev team has seen heavy rotation - developers got moved to a new project, got fired or left. All this crap looks like the development is being done by a bunch of rookies. Although the signature ‘quality’ is there, it is getting less and less credible that the development is being done by the same people as before. Just a hunch based on a number of small factoids I’ve learnt over the last months.

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I’m sorry but this is just the way it’s always been… a few bugs that couldn’t be overseen by play testing just once is standard for FS.

OK I’m going to repeat myself. Again.

There is a test group - it just happens to be paying customers who play on PC. YOU are the testers of every patch, and the kink are ironed out on PC so they don’t affect the console release.

There is no internal testing, there is no super-secret discord group, there is no open-beta testing, there is simply the poor-bastard customers who are actually under the impression this game isn’t still in Early Access.


I mean i do not actually mind that new bugs appear, that is pretty normal when one tinkers with code in games.

Spaghetti code is famously abundant.

The issue is when they state that they´ve fixed a bug but it is still there while new ones come in too…really no one likes a false “we´re good” call when things are infact going badly.

Heck i mean sure, a bug can come back for some reason, but if it was never fixed in the first place then it should not be stated that it was.


This is not harsh at all, they keep making more and more screw ups… and they obviously don’t test the stuff properly or at all.

Like the merc/whc ult comes to mind as best example, this stuff is broken since first wom beta, and people are reporting it not working even after this patch. And they wrote that it’s fixed in 5 patches ago I think.

When are they finally going to get the damn test group… test group they could get for free…


It’s most probably just the Occam’s razor situation = incompetence.


Have fun playing an early access game. My group moved on months ago.


A lot of the crashes are due to mods. Which are outside the Devs hands. It’s up to modders to fix their mods and make them compatible which each new patch. As for actual bugs, please report them, attach your Console Log located here,

C:\Users\YOUR PC NAME\AppData\Roaming\Fatshark\Vermintide 2\console_logs

And any crash reports, located here,

C:\Users\YOUR PC NAME\AppData\Roaming\Fatshark\Vermintide 2\crash_dumps

Try and give as much information as you can, screen shots help as well for in game bugs.


Bear in mind, @SmokerT69, they gave modders about 2 days to set things up for this patch, and that’s only because one of the Devs realized that VMF would be completely broken and advocated for a delay.

So like… Yeah, it’s “outside the Devs hands”, but it’s also, in part, because of the Devs in the first place, and could have been potentially avoided.


Given how many fixes have failed, and all the new bugs - I have to wonder if they’re working on the same version we are. Like at the beginning. Maybe that should be triple-checked.

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We know for a fact their version control is terrible, so I’m assuming they fixed the stated bugs in some verson of their dev code but reverted to an earlier build by the time it was published.

WOM itself was built on a older version of the game, so we lost something like 6 months worth of bug fixes and improvements. Basically, WOM was a reversion to obsolete code, and now they have to do the last year’s worth of work all over again, just to get back to where 1.7 already was.

That they would do the same thing on a patch by patch basis, to the point where they have no idea which of the fixes they made are actually getting into the deployed build, seems to be a foregone conclusion at this point.

Sure. Let me go create a bug report on the same bug for the thousandth time. That will fix it. Also, even if they tried to address the issues, their recent track record has been that they just break them worse and never address it again. I.e. reload animations in 13 or the waystalker/pyro ult Fix from about a month ago.


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