Stop nerf the game

Guys! Yuo just killing all fun! really better make friendlyfire! But stop nerf it! It already pretty hard! with lvl 19 (3) we cant make just veteran! Not all maps/ Balance maps! Not player!

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They don’t care man. They didn’t even have the decency to release patch notes for the changes they shocked the community with when they released the game. They could have tested those changes in BETA too, but again–they don’t care. They shredded passives, made the elf’s hp regen basically worthless, and more.

They’re just happy they sold x-amount of copies for this game–they’re doing whatever they want and could careless about how it affects the fun people are actually having.

Are you serious? Veteran is so easy now, yesterday I did all new maps with a lvl 16 group and we didn’t fail once.

If you cant handle veteran, play recruit until you get better.
I assume you are another elf player that used to get carried by her regen instead of learning the game.

I guess you are going to type something about Elitist mindset, but when you have 370-420 weapon power, you can clean any wave in second. My Kruber kills whole horde in few swings of Halberd, its ridiculous

I just made four maps on champion with a random group of a very skilled players (i was a lv. 23 ironbreaker) and we complete all of them with almost all tomes and grims. Champions is tough but it can be done with some coordination, same for veteran. If you don’t stick with group, don’t know how/when to parry, retreat and strike, you will lose no matter how well geared you are. This game is not so hard but is all about coordination and team play, if you learn this you will win :slight_smile:
And really i don’t know about those nerfs, my partners oneshot about everything except bosses, they seemed to me even too much strong :slight_smile:

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