Stop Calling for Nerfs

It seems as though most people have no idea what is required for legend difficulty, the spam abilities, tankiness of classes and player skill and cooperation are very important for legend. This difficulty is a massive step up from champion and people need to see what it’s like so they can stop calling for nerfs.


I agree, on the thought that we need to give it a little time to actually see what’s overpowered or underpowered. The game has been out not even TWO FULL DAYS.

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Yeah, thats what I mean though. People are calling for nerfs when they haven’t even leveled everything to full or tried the hardest difficulty.

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Legends changes would affect 1percent of the playerbase…lets devs fix much more important things like bugs for example…

I didn’t say anything about changing legend. I don’t want them to. I just want people to stop whining because they think many classes are OP.


Balance is needed in every difficulty. Furthermore, a lot of people won’t even play in champion if things go like in V1, let alone legend. So if anything is balanced only for legend and too powerful below that, it’s still a big problem.

I think people are complaining too much about other classes not because they are completely overpowered, but because the people they play with have higher power than them/could be better players than them. I’ve seen multiple things of people saying “Nerf Sienna, Nerf Kerillian, Nerf Hunstman, Nerf Tanks” and I feel that if they just nerf everything, the game just won’t be as fun overall. I am aware that every difficulty needs to be taken into account, but it doesn’t help when some people don’t realize it’s not always the class alone that makes people able to do so much.


Nerf pls.

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this. i see people whining on forums because they see a player massively more skilled than they are on another character, and they attribute it to the class being OP. or they take a look at one guy’s video and decide that a particular weapon is too OP and call for nerfs.

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the biggest issue is that i doubt the developers have time to play their own games, so the game support team might take what the loudest whiners from the forums or reddits have to say, which may be largely biased, a minority viewpoint, and inaccurate.

hopefully their process is better than my speculation though

I think it’s fair to want nerfs and buffs at the same time. It makes sense to nerf a class that’s outright trivializing certain encounters even on Legend. Saltzpyre and Kruber downing bosses in seconds is a good example of this. But if a lot of classes are struggling to even clear certain situations or difficulties I think that’s more of a sign that buffs should be considered rather than nerfs.

They might be required for some people to succeed on legend, but there likely exists a portion of players that don’t require them. How big portion of player’s should be able to play legend is everyone’s own personal opinion, naturally. In VT1 it could be said that a team of 4 competent players was required to play on Cataclysm. On the other hand people were solo playing the content without bots. Likewise I don’t think the current power level is necessarily required for playing legend… it could be for you or me to succeed, but not absolutely required; the loss of power could be replaced with a healthy dose of “git gud”.

By looking at the steam achievements a maximum of 5.2% of the players (1.3+1.1+1.0+0.9+0.9) are at level 30 with one character so tuning down is probably a lot less important than tuning it for beginners right now.

An even stronger indication is that only 0.8% of the players have finished Skittergate on champion.

Balancing is of course going both ways but new player experience should probably be prioritized in the short term. I don’t mean that both things should not happen, just to focus a little bit more on the beginner experience.

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