Stop having extravagant hopes for resource sharing!

+1 on everything said here. Gearing and leveling alts in VT2 was a breeze, and it actually encouraged me to complete the “Complete all Helmgart missions with all careers on Legend” achievement eventually because I just had to get some decent weapons and off I went for a whole new fresh experience.

I mean, come on man, at least have account-wide currency.

The one time I preorder a game in my life and I’m already starting to regret it. Looks like this game isn’t half what Vermintide 2 is. Maybe in a year or two it’ll get better, but then again, maybe not.


Really awful choice on their part if that’s what they plan on doing.

Crafting resources, Dockets, and Melk’s currency should all be account-wide at a minimum.


It’s cheating, a turnoff…

I just don’t understand the justification for this unless they are dead set on people only playing 1 class unless they no life the game.

Weekly missions already take long enough on one character and 2 is a stretch, how are you supposed to keep 3, 4, 5 characters geared up when grinding on one is already painful enough?

Atleast if you could trade resources you wouldn’t get bored as easily since you could work on a maxed character while trying to get new gear for another but right now it’s asinine and you end feeling like you are playing a mobile game.

Getting curios where you want them especially sucks because of how bad they can roll at any step of the process.

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Yeah, I can’t find any good excuse for this decision.

Ironically, the things you buy with aquilas are one of the few things you can actually share account-wide. Go figure.

I already have zealot, psyker and ogryn at level 30 and have decided against playing the veteran, simply because it’s impossible to find the time. With character-bound weapons and resources, each additional character represents a huge investment in time required.

I don’t know who Fatshark plans on selling new class DLCs to, but unless we get some meaningful improvements in this area, it won’t be me.

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They are kind of just shooting themselves in the leg with this one.

Their lack of shared resources will make less people branch out into making or focusing on several characters, which means a lot of people have at least 1-3 classes they just dont care about, which will more or less just end up with less cosmetic sales since someone that focuses on only 1 or 2 classes will have little interest in buying cosmetics for the remaining classes that they dont play.

Its basically a game mechanic that works against their own monetization scheme.


Best part is, that there are other things that are already shared. Buy a Weapon color and you have it on all classes. Frames and weapon charms are also account wide. I bet it would be just a check box or a ‘‘true’’ entry behind the ‘‘shared between characters’’ part of the library of items.

My Zealot gets all the GOD roll Lasguns all the time.
My Vet gets all the GOD roll Axes and knives all the time.
Hell even my Psyker has a better MXII then my Vet.

I have 5 chars. I have to constantly play some rounds with them to be able to grab something from the RNG weapon store.
I actively play my main Vet, my Zealot, my Psyker and my Ogryn.
If i want to do the weekly’s for all of them. And if i have bad re roll luck, i am stuck with 25 mission or 25 scriptures missions.

The Stupid Weekly restarts for me at Sunday night or better said, at around 01.30 AM on Monday morning. So i am forced to do them every evening as a working person with 8 hours work from Monday till Friday. That means i have to decide what char i want to rush at the weekend, because of Sir stupid Darius Milkman FOMO shop, that COULD have a perfect roll weapon maybe(big maybe).

25 Missions… on average 30 min per mission, since i need to play t3 at least to get crafting stuff too.
So i have to spend 12.5 HOURS on each char in the worst case MELK mission rotation, that only lets me reroll 4 times. That would be 50 Hours! Five-Five! Hours. I don’t even try to fit in my second Vet that i had to make to have one with less height then my first char. And sometimes i get not enough From the weekly. So i end up 50 or 100 marks short, and the GOD roll weapon or Curio is gone some hours later, while the other char that has only poop at the Milk Bar, sits on unused Marks.

Over all the complete system of Char bound resources is just made to hinder us. To keep us playing the game for as much time as possible. But i would even play it more and with more fun, if i had all my stuff together. I have a roster of 5 Chars. That would mean i have a small small group quarter inside the Morning Star. A little room with 4 little bunk beds and a big one for my Ogryn. They share the quater. They share their little curios, money and weapons. A strike team consist of 4 so one is always rotated. And so they share the arsenal.(except the Ogryn, since he once broke the Vets revolver and constantly uses the Psyker’s staffs to scratch his back). But they come along and share like a little family. The Zealot needs the axe from the Vet that stays at the ship for that mission. And the Vet takes the Curio of the Zealot next rotation.

THAT would be something they should add. Having OUR chars sit at the table mumbling stuff, or lay on the bed and look at the ceiling. And if we want to switch gear between them, we just open a box like inside the psykhanium. And if we want to switch Chars, we just look at them and press F.

Good. Too many lazy idiots here that whine at the first hint of actually having to wait for something. Heaven forbid you have to decide that if you want something you might have to focus on that for a bit or just wait longer.

Nice to see a company actually standing up to whiny entitled brats who want everything given to them for free. Between people like you and the gatekeeping “hardcores” its no wonder most new games are in a state of whiplash trying to meet two utterly incompatible sets of demands.

I never got why people act like having to put time into something instantly makes it good or valid.

Hell I’m not even mad about having to put time into something but that the time is being wasted.

I currently have a top level zealot that has essentially all their gear figured but. That’s where the majority of the credits, crafting mats, and weekly credits. I also have a ton of weapons that I could use on other characters but it’s locked.

Then my Vet has good gear but I’m to the point where I don’t feel like working on him anymore so any extra crafting mats, credits, etc are stuck.

The Ogryn is just a pain to play at times but would be greatly helped by be able to atleast feed resources (resources I Already Earned) into him without having to struggle with a team or friends along with me.

Finally we get the Psyker which I’m currently working on and filled with burning rage over because there was an actual honest to god upgrade in the weekly FOMO shop but guess what? I have No Weekly Currency and I had to rush trying to get weeklies done because cost wise it would have needed ALL of them only to miss it anyways.

Please don’t try to pull the boomer “back in my day you had to work for stuff” because I remember early MMOs and even those had a shared bank. Sharing character resources also Isn’t a new thing because even Diablo 3, a game from 2012, figured this out.

People don’t care about needing to put time into something they care when it feels like their time is being wasted.

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I can understand that sharing stuff goes against Darktide lore (we are not a band like in Vermintide, but an army of random Rejects), but, if that’s the case - you break your own rule by sharing premium content.

At least let’s share weekly missions and resources. I can live with lack of weapon sharing.

I have Veteran and would like to get another characters, but levelling them with perspective that anything I earned and earn will not be shared is off-putting.

In modern games there are (at least) mechanics that help you with levelling other characters, why not use it here? The solution seems out there.

I do weekly and leave game until next week. This is not a behaviour that should be promoted in brand new game, isn’t it?