STIM usage can be confusing

If I see an unused STIM in a box:

Use yours
Pick up the other one
The new one pops in your hand immediately

Now, if you are fighting stuff, or threat is close:

You left click, using it on yourself, overwriting the effect of the previous STIM and wasting both.
You try to block, but you justbrandish your STIM uselessly as you get hit.

I don’t know why this all needs to be so complex
But it’s really frustrating when you double fire your green STIM when you are full health for absolutely no reason.

I’d say this is a bug… But at this point I wouldn’t be surprised if it was by design either.

If your health is full you can’t use health boosters, and you don’t automatically equip them when you pick them up, they just appear in your inventory unless you swap out your Stimms whilst you have one equipped.

The thing that gets me the worst is the low range on friendly players making it really hard to jab your bros for memes or emergencies.


I hate when I try to stim a teammate. I switch to my weapon as soon as the injecting stim animation appears and it cancels out the stim. It’s so stupid. To make sure that I inject it correctly, I have to look at my inventory if the stem disappears or not.

It’s so annoying because we use stim during clutch time. But we have to be super close to a teammate and wait for the whole animation to fully finish. I wanna throw up.

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If you pick up a new stim immediately after using one, you auto wield it.
Happened to me yesterday and i also accidentally used the second one, too.

That’s odd, I’ve never done that under those conditions before.

thanks to chip damage through thoughness, it’s quite easy not to be at exactly 100%


Can’t say this has happened to me really. I could understand if you used your stim and hit a weapon key which it didn’t switch to as a missed keystroke, but you’re in slot “4” (or whatever it is for you), you’ve picked up something in slot 4. Kinda makes sense for the game to keep you in slot 4 'til you select another weapon.

If you’re looting while fighting then it’s going to be par for the course.

I’d request we be able to just throw them at a teammate, like the Ogryn Rock or Zealot Throwing Knife. The trade off would be the possibility of missing them and wasting it.

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Can confirm. Happened to me before.

If you throw a grenade and have more grenades left, you still auto swap off it.
If you deploy a crate and instantly loot a new one, you still auto swap off it.
If you use a stim and instantly loot a new one, you do not swap off it.

Stims clearly are the outlier and should also auto swap you back to your weapon, when used.
Even if you instantly pick up a new stim.

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Can’t remember how it worked in VT2, but I think you have to press your potion button to access it for multi potting :thinking:

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