Still in game but can't see anything

Certain effects like flashes or blood on the screen seem to cause an effect where the color of the effect becomes permanent across the screen. It initially afflicts just one area of the screen but then as you turn spreads it across the whole thing until nothing is viewable except that specific colored effect and the white/green outlines of your teammates and objects. As it stands the game is completely unplayable because this issue occurs 5 minutes into every game I’ve attempted. I’m on a brand new Intel i7 9700-k and msi RTX 2070. I will try rolling back the nVidia drivers because I get a ‘rendering device has been lost’ error in overwatch as well, but so far these are the only 2 games I’ve had any issues with (Witcher 3 ran fine for hous on max settings and temperatures are fine on gpu and cpu - mem test no negative results). Any help with this issue is greatly appreciated.

I’m assuming you’ve rolled back your drivers by now - have you had any success?

Otherwise could you perhaps catch a recording of this and send it our way? It would be very much appreciated.

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