Steam: Stuck in Installation

I played the BETA succesfully. i would need to update my game for launch version today.
After DL iam stuck on 100% Installing.

I tryed to remove Download cache and restarted the DL. Some result, stuck at 100% of the Installation


[[Steam ID/Steam Profile URL/GamerTag]]Steam Community :: Hagbard Celine

Approx. Time of Issue & Timezone:
21/01:2022 // 20:10 CET

Reproduction Rate:
100% on three attemps of installation

Also my Taskmanager sees that steam still access my FS on has a use on my harddrivce between 70%max and 30%min, looks like the process still runs and works ony my SSD.

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Hi @HagbardCeline,

Please check out a solution for this here:

Manually deleting the whole Darktide from library then redownloading and reinstalling was actually the only thing that worked for me…

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None of this worked, after 2 whole hours I still was stuck just installing the game. I’m now reinstalling the game from a fresh Darktide download. I’m super disappointed that I had to wait 28 hours for a game that barely changed in any regard from the pre-order beta.

Same here , stucked 2 times and I have only 200 Gb remains

For anyone that may still encounter installation issues after trying all of the solutions in the article linked above, I would recommend contacting Steam Support, as they handle content delivery: