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Hello guys! How do you look at so that players have the opportunity to trade and sell items received in the game? Skins, weapons, armors and its accessories? I think that would be a great motivation for the players. If you would like to see something similar in the game, like the post or write why you would not want such a system.

Ps: I’m sorry for my english, i used a translator :slight_smile:

Player to player transactions, I guess you are talking about Steam marketplace and sell/buy stuff for real money?

Or are you talking about some in-game marketplace and we have some kind or currency in the game?

If first option, I hope I will never see it. It will make people cheat to get loot that they can sell, it will make people toxic if they loose a game and cant get stuff to sell.

If second option, nothing I hope for. Player <-> Player transactions is never a good thing from my perspective.

Edit: Just read the headline now, its Steam marketplace… Sorry, tired…

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Yes, i mean first option. But second option proposed by you good idea too.

Just no, look at what it did to diablo 3. The game was all the better when it was removed, that should tell us something.

Edit: Of course it was made all the worse because of Blizzard greed, but as said @Belzebull it reinforces toxic community in my opinion.


So the main reason is toxic communication? Why then because of them, adequate half must suffer. Diablo is a good example, why not learn from him? You can make a separate content mode for experienced players and play in it exclusively with a group of 4 people. Well, or come up with something similar.

Well, no? I’d say the main reason is it’s rather easy to exploit such a system. Either by developers or players.
Diablo 3 was an example of exploitation from the developers side. Another good example could by Fallout 76 which is exploited from players side, cheating and duplicating items that are then sold for real money.

Either way, real money marketplace is a minefield.

I personally don’t see any reason for this system to exist. Player-to-player trading can go south really fast by encouraging the creation of third-party gery market web-sites, which - in my opinion - is not really healthy for the game or the community.

It could bring way more negatives than positives. Also why do you think it would be a great motivation for the players? What is motivating about the fact that you can buy things from other players rather than actually earning them yourself? Wouldn’t this system remove the motivation for playing the game as you can simply buy everything you need off someone else?

Still… all that “what’s motivating and what’s not” aside, my main point still stands. The risk of 3rd party websites and grey-maret dealings heavily outweigh the small benefits this system could potentially bring.


I just meant that in Vermintide it gets boring to play when you have all the characters of the maximum level and have all the weapons and 100500 dust in the warehouse. We need some kind of motivation to play, some kind of interaction with the players. The market in some form, maybe even in-game, would be a great motivation. You could also invite your friends to play with you and give them your weapon, rather than wait or play with them on an easy difficulty level. Perhaps if the developer would receive money from the marketplace, we would see more free updates and content for the game.

For the developer to receive money from marketplace transactions there would first have to be players to put their money into the system. This would technically introduce a real-cash microtransaction shop into the game, which would be really bad and is something the community has already shown a strong stand against.

Selling a couple of direct-purchase premium cosmetics is on entirely different level than selling actual weapons that directly affect the gameplay (which could be considered as pay-to-win).

This is VERY dangerous area. Way better move would be reworking the crafting system to deal with material-overflow and introduce new game mechanics and goals for players to go for rather than creating a new CS:GO disaster.

Also, on one hand you say that there is nothing to do for players who “have everything,” and yet you suggest that there should be a system through which these players (who reached the “end game”) could give stuff to new players.
This would pretty much move the new players to the end game (as they would not have anything to strive for - everything would be given to them by “veterans” who have everything in large quantities and just want to get rid of it) causing them to reach the endgame faster and only making the issue you fight against worse.


I really hope we never get a marketplace where we can sell loot back and forth for this game.

Here’s my logic/opinion,

  1. It’ll unbalance the game and wreck the intended progression (overpowered items buyable = early game trivialized or disruption in learning of the mechanics by new players)

  2. As some other people mentioned it could introduce toxicity from players towards others when looking to farm loot to sell. Which could discourage people from playing and negatively impact the health of the game.

  3. It has pay to win vibes depending on how high the items scale and how it interrupts the progression of loot accumulation (i.e. let’s say for instance their is no cap on item power and it’s supposed to go up like VT2 a few levels at a time, then it would accelerate the end game and shorten the lifespan of the game by negatively impacting balancing and possibly trivializing certain areas of the game)

  4. Where the power level of the items is capped and the true endgame may be farming item skins (Fashiontide), it trivializes the challenge of grinding for a rare skin or even invalidates the work of those who spent tens to hundreds of hours farming for the skin. (Though I have fewer qualms about a marketplace that only allows users to trade/buy cosmetics as it is not P2W, I still do not like the idea of such a beast being implemented)

Anyway, those are my thoughts and reasoning.

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