Steam login still says Beta

I play on Steam. I ordered the Imperial version of the game initially. This allowed me to play the pre-order beta prior to the November 30th launch. Since the launch my Steam Library still labels the game as a “Pre-Order Beta.” Shouldn’t this have gone away and replaced with an official label? The icon on my desktop didn’t change either. I’m not seeing anything different in game either.

That’s right, because it’s still a beta in its current state^^

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It’s immeasurably complex, but it is complete

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A shot in the dark to try and help. Have you checked Properties and then the Beta tab?
Right click the game → properties → BETAS.

See if you can change that to none. If it’s already on None (as it should be) I have no more ideas.

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I will try this when I get home from work. Thank you!