Is the pre-order beta the closed beta, or the actual game?

What do I need in my steam library?

The preorder “beta” will almost certainly be the actual game. The Closed Beta was what we got 3 weeks ago, and is completely unnecessary these days and only exists so you can uninstall the dev build of Easy Anti-Cheat that came with it (as you can’t uninstall it manually).

The pre-order beta is accessible when you claim the game with any regular steam key for Darktide.

The pre-order beta is not feature complete and is a beta (though has more features than the closed beta), so the full game will be available Nov. 30.


does it have invert y? :wink:

do you mean we will have to download another beta client?

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I guess it means no progress transition as beta will not have all the content. Am I right?


That’s still not a good answer for: do I need a new thing in my steam library or not?
Your answer suggests I don’t need the closed beta any more so that’s good to know.

Will progress carry over to the full game ?

I’m reading this as an indicator that progress won’t carry over, but I’d be happy to be wrong.


Hey Aqshy, thanks for the answer ! Quick question though, lore and story-wise, will we get the full experience or should I hold off and wait for November 30th to get the full immersion?

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I would just like to point out that nowhere in today’s video post nor in the description does it say these things. It says, “PRE-ORDER AND PLAY EARLY November 17th, Steam and Windows.” This is bound to cause more confused people when it isn’t the full release and if progress doesn’t carry over.

I agree with that. You need to be more clear or masses will review bomb you on release