Steam Game Awards

you know, we should nominate Darktide for title with a “deep Story”, just to see how the gaming magazines, desperately loose their minds looking for it.


Is the joke really worth giving Dan Abnett hard time? Because first what they will find, when looking for the “Story” is His name…

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Extra stupid when he didn’t write anything more than the background setting of the Moebian sector

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Damnit, should have included that part.
Shuda, Woulda, Coulda…

don’t let a company use your name as a Headliner then.

They didn’t use the name Abnett in anything other than what he did, so it’s more an issue on warhammer fans not having enough literacy skills than anything else

they still cared enough to Tease months prior.
and then upload a “writer Reveal” video, wich you’d only do if you knew your audiance cared…
so if you ask me, they did hire abnett simply to boast, not to actually write anything.

not saying he shouldn’t have taken the deal, but then when you slap your name on anything, be at least prepared to recieve critique.

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