Steam_appid.txt found!

Whenever I hit play in Steam, before the launcher opens, this window pops up:


I’ve had this bug for ages (It even prevented me to launch the game at some point) but right now it’s just annoying. I just need to hit cancel button. Deleting the txt file won’t work either, since the launcher regenerates it.
Right now, I have a shortcut to the game exe and just launch it from there to bypass the launcher. Any way to fix this?

Navigate to the launcher directory (…\Steam\steamapps\common\Warhammer Vermintide 2\launcher)

Find the offending steam_appid.txt file and right-click → Properties

Make sure the Read-Only attribute at the bottom is unchecked; click OK/Apply.

If that doesn’t work, or it’s already unchecked… then, sorry, I’ve nothing more for you for now :frowning:

Sadly, that didn’t work (Was already unchecked)
Even if I delete it, the Launcher keeps re-creating the file :man_shrugging:

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