Crash every time I launch the game

This has been a recurring issue for me that I’ve tried to solve in several ways. Every time I click “Play” on the launcher I get a crash before the game can load up with the error message “No game executable entry was found in the catalogue. (verm)”.

I’ve already scoured the internet and found that FS have said this has something to do with Bullguard antivirus, which I don’t use. I also found a solution wherein I navigate to D:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Warhammer Vermintide 2\launcher\EasyAntiCheat\Launcher and delete the “vermintide2.json” file, then verify the integrity of my game files in steam. This used to fix the issue, but the problem would come back each time there is a new update/patch to the game. However doing this stopped working. My next solution was to reinstall the game, which I did just last week. With the anniversary update that came out today, the issue is back again. I’d really like to permanently fix this.

GUID: 6be4057e-8917-4b9d-bcdb-7553f1c4f83a
Log File:
Info Type:

have you try the launcher workaround ?

I know you’ve mentioned you’re not using BullGuard, but I’m interested to know - which Anti-Virus are you using?

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