Stay Home. Play Together. Heroes Unite


During the past weeks the Sharks have been working from home, and in an earlier Developer Update we went into lengths about what these changes meant for the Sharks and the entire office. Staying at home can be a challenge and the Sharks are helping each other with new ideas to stay inspired. This community event was born from such an idea, and we hope that you will join us in this new endeavour.

Stay Home. Play Together. Heroes Unite.

Together we can make a difference. Between the 15th and 30th of April we are inviting you to take part in a community challenge.

Buy a new Hat - Support Charity

All profits* made from ‘Crown of Purity’ will be donated to charity.

This premium cosmetic will be available for purchase in Lohner’s Emporium of Wonders and Steam, and all profits* made will be donated to charity responding to COVID-19.

“To the faithful there is naught more dangerous than an unguarded mind, save perhaps an uncaged thought. Alas, even the righteous cannot entirely control the sinful impulses of a wandering will, thus many Sigmarite preachers wear this singular piece of headgear, shackling with steel what mortal will cannot always cage.”

You can find ‘The Crown of Purity’ here and it will be available for purchase from the 16th of April.

*After fees and taxes.

Fill the Counter - Unlock a New Frame

In tough times we need each other, and the Ubersreik 5 are no exception. Warhammer: Vermintide 2 is ultimately a co-op game, designed to create situations only teamwork can solve, and with this challenge we wish to invite you as a community to come together and help the Reikland. Stay home. Play Together. Heroes Unite.

Fill the bar by defeating Skaven, Rotblood, and Beastmen in Warhammer: Vermintide 2 and be rewarded with a new portrait frame †. To help you keep track we have set up a Kill Counter that is updated in near real-time. All platforms are included in the counter.

Play Apart Together!

† The portrait frame will be added in the next update for all platforms.


A free portrait frame? Aighty then.

You fellows stay healthy and carry on^^


gonna need them heretics to split in order to achieve the desired slaughter!!! Bring them twins back !

The new frame is 10/10! :+1:

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Which charity(-ies) will the money be donated to?


It might be a deciding factor if I spend money on it at all, or if I do it during this period. If it’s not something I’d like to contribute to I’ll consider it when the money goes to the company instead. I understand if you don’t have an answer now, but please don’t forget to elaborate on it :slight_smile:


We’ll be sure to make noise about the choice once it’s 100% confirmed. We have some final details to fix before we can. Charities want to be sure our message and the charity item are suitable matches to themselves. Requires signatures from people.


Do weave kills counts?



Is the Hat in limited availability ? Meaning, could we be able to purchase it after April 30th?

Currently the hat will disappear from the store after the 30th, can come back or not for others charity events, we don’t know yet.

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thank you

We’ve decided and can confirm that we’ll be donating all proceeds to Save the Children:


Cheers! I’ll donate some money and throw in another hat while I’m at it.

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I can definitely see Kruber wearing that

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