State of the game, still crap I see

I was one of the first to test drive WoM when it came out. I was pretty certain 90% of the changes would be revamped on release. I was absolutely shocked when none of the changes were revamped lol… I see discussions like this all of the time.

I think Fatshark can create a better product than this, just cant help wonder what went wrong.

The state of the game has most definitely improved since WoM release, I can’t say as much for weaves, since those aren’t changing until season 2. Most players just haven’t adapted to the changes but for the most part everything feels the same to me.

There’s been tons of changes since WoM went live… there’s of course still things that need to be fixed/tweaked. Perhaps give some suggestions and report bugs? It would be a lot more productive than a thread like this.


Lets start with:

  • Hyper-density? Why is this still a thing?
  • Enemies appearing out of nowhere in the front of you or hordes spawning 2 meters away from you behind a near by bookshelf
  • Enemies hitting you from outside their weapon range, no I don’t mind the lunge attack. There is nothing as frustrating as you getting hit whilst seeing the animation and the weapon model never getting anywhere near you
  • Getting stuck (especially on ammo boxes spawned next to walls, ledges etc
  • Weapon balance. I feel that some weapons, especially two handed are underperforming on the cata difficulty, unless you run a really specific builds, which increase their attack speed/cleave. Their default damage, speed and cleave stats feel poorly balanced for cata, especially if you consider their poor movement and dodge stats.

On cata difficulty all above bugs can be deadly in a fraction of a second. 2 handed weapon could do with another balance pass. I love cata and more enemies, but the above too often makes this experience frustrating instead of fun.


When people say that players need to adapt to the changes after 2 month i recommend to check steam charts. Last 30 day had the worst players count since game launch. Players already adapted. By switching games.


siriusly? even if u report a bug the bug will hardcoded to be a feature not a bug.
there are bugs that are old as the game if they did not fix it by now what hope we have.
come one don’t be so naive you of all people should know that by now

These things you listed are old as hell, lots of us gave feedback of it, and no changes at all. And I dont mean the “make the game easier” bullsh*t, instead the popping out enemies from nothing, etc. Maybe fatshark dont have the resources to keep their product maintained.

Actually my good sir a thread like this, people that don’t play and buy as well as bad reviews probably work much better than rereporting a bug for the forth or fifth time.

Bug reports have been ignored or piled up. They literally know everything we have to offer them it is completely and utterly on them now.


And yet here you are posting on the forums for the game that supposedly everyone quit.


No, my point is an even greater portion of qp players are beyond incompetent to survive on legend. Either they haven’t adapted or they are new (and feel the need to play the highest difficulty – ignoring cata because they probably haven’t unlocked it yet and are so far from being able to beat it in the first place.) Imagine all these players end up in one group, they’ll fail first horde/event, and not get loot, probably the one thing they think legend is good for getting, instead of playing on a difficulty they can beat.

There’s no feedback here.