Current State of game as of Nov 2019

Haven’t posted (complained) in a few months. Which means I quit the game a bit (to play Destiny 2, a much superior game) or VT2 finally got the face lift it needed. Both in my case. Played over the weekend to check out new changes.

Surprise! Huntsman bow is FINALLY FIXED. No more jarring aim zoom, no more aim reset per shot. It’s almost as good as Elf longbow, but finally usable. Gameplay: sound seems to be fixed, no more silent back stabs, no more silent specials (although the loud gear noise is annoying), no more hitting thru blocks (that I noticed), melee feels like pre-WOM.

Need to test out other classes to see if play style feels the same or improved.
So on one hand, I’m happy the devs finally fixed a lot of issues plaguing the game. On the other hand, I’m still unhappy it took them 3 years to resolve issues that’s been in the game since day ONE…

I’d be fully satisfied if they would stop making changes to their engine and just focus on new cosmetic and game content. Or as I’ve always asked…go home after work, log into steam, and play their own game for an hour and test their product themselves…Use dev powers to cheat and give themselves all the red items they want, IDC, just PLAY YOUR OWN GAME with the community.

Anything else I missed?

3 years? The game is half that age, even though it sometimes feels longer.

But yeah, I enjoy the game more now. Less bugs, more consistent gameplay. Not perfect by any means, but good enough to not frustrate me enough to ragequit and enjoy the satisfying combat.

oh man, sure as hell felt like 3 years

Needs BBB 2.0 now. Weapons balance need looking at, properties of weapons need tweaking, little bit more balancing on the end-events as some have been tweaked too easy now, and some still are a bit nuts.

Some talents are still completely redundant, and some classes need a bit more scrutiny. RV being my personal bugbear that needs a bit of love.

Still, it’s only taken three months after release of the expansion to actually get to a point where WoM/2.0 is playable without having skyrocketing blood pressure.


I think RV is ok, what did you need addressed for it?
I heard there was an unintentional bug where Xbow reload went through the roof after a headshot. When I came across this, I abused it quite a bit. Is this still around?

Frankly as far as balance goes, it would be nice if the talent options were actual choices meant for playstyle customization rather than META builds or gtfo. You’re right about redundant or useless talents in this regard. But that’s a day one problem as well.

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I think he’s basically got the Shotgun build as the go-to for him. Everything else feels like I’m hamstringing myself a bit by choosing it. I’m a bit annoyed his talents don’t have the bombs OR potion choices instead of ammo spawning anymore, although that meant EVERYONE chose bombs really.

Talents and weapon properties/traits should allow for a wider range of viable builds, but they seem to funnel people into one kind of mega-useful build for each class and character which is backwards.

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After WOM, I changed over from shotgun to xbow in favor of spamming bolts into a crowd while Invisible. The shotgun did nothing for me when I needed to kill distant specials. A ranger should…play like a Ranger. So because of this I chose ammo drop over bombs.

But like you pre-wom, i went with shotgun/bomb talents as well. Though currently both are viable alternative options as you wished for. Devs need to consider this for all classes so there aren’t singular builds for most classes.

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