State Loading is Stranded

Failed to finish loading after finishing a mission.
I left it 10 minutes, because at least 5 minutes seems normal for this game…

I check the logs after and find a nice console log that has

[Lua] INFO [StateLoading] ### is_stranded ###

almost 40000 times. Had I know, I should have left it longer for 40k reasons.


Player ID:
(Steam Community :: Xanoth)

Approx. Time of Issue & Timezone:
19/12/2022 12:33:31.571 GMT

Reproduction Rate:
Once - but honestly, loading times in this game are always terrible to the point that I left it 10 minutes before accepting it wasn’t loading.

Upload Console Log:
console-2022-12-19-11.54.40-fe958ff6-51b2-492d-abf7-b81f6d6de98c.log (2.3 MB)

Upload darktide_launcher.log:
darktide_launcher.log (422.6 KB)

We’ll look into it, thank you for the report!

Just relaying some developer feedback -

Long loading times in the range of 10 minutes is usually a result of having the game on an hdd and having the windows antimalware realtime protection snooping the traffic. As for the stranded loading I am unsure why that happens. Could be a sideffect of slow loading times in general.

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Thank you for the reply / Dev feedback.

The game is installed on an NVME (its on the slower of two, but I doubt changing it from one NVME to the other is going to half my load times).

I’ve only had this stranded issue once.

To be clear the 10 minute load time was the one I sent logs for, “stranded” does not seem normal.

The game’s chronically long load times seems the same for everyone I know.

V2 loads in about 1/4 the time.

I’ll look into any real time pretection that may still be running, I’ve disabled the one from NordVPN already to test that but no change, I’ll check windows.

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Testing with Windows realtime protection turned off, the game loads about 36-39 seconds (from character select to mourningstar). With it turned on, it loads in about 42-44 seconds.
Turning NordVPNs threat protection back on, it loaded in about 41 seconds.

So yes, its faster, but that’s still a long time to load from character select into the Mourningstar and missions typically take even longer.

Quickly loading into a damnation game solo… it took 24 seconds… wait, what? I know if you have a full group, you load at the speed of the slowest player, but why does loading into the Mourningstar take so long?

I know the game connects to multiple amazon servers at the back end to both create games, manage character data etc, but it seems really weird that the game’s hub would take so long to load when other players connected there shouldn’t change individual load times.

Checking loading into the meatgrinder, which also loads in about 20 seconds.

Yet Mourningstar or missions with full groups seem to be regularly 40+ seconds.

Thanks for sharing your findings - I’ve let the team know.

The 10 minute load definitely seems like a bug - and we’ll look into it.

You’re correct, that loading into Missions you are subject to the slowest players loading time. We are exploring options here, like potentially adding a “Waiting for other players” message.

For the Mourningstar hub, we have ‘loading groups’ - you should mostly not end up in a group with other players, but if you do, you can still be subject to having to wait for others in your loading group to join. Also, when loading into the hub the hub matchmaking is included, so some additional time can be taken to find an appropriate hub to join.

Though, 40+ seconds on an NvMe does sound excessive :thinking:

The developer I’m discussing this with also shared this information:

Another tidbit is that once the windows file cache is warm however (regardless of if the player is on a hdd or ssd) the loading should be fast. This requires the player to have enough ram for Windows to be able to cache all data and for the user to have loaded into the hub or mission once this side of a system reboot.

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I have 32gb, and loading is that long repeatedely. It takes no longer (maybe 1 second) to load the first time vs back to character select and loading in again.

Thank you for the updates and dialogue, the insights into how loading works, particularly with the Mourningstar makes sense as to why it can take a little longer to load.

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