Sprinting animation on the ship

Maybe most people will not notice it, but as a sports trainer I notice that the sprinting animation (on vet sharpshooter; did not play others yet) looks out of place: When you move normally on the ship it looks like casual jogging, which is alright btw. but when I press shift to run, the character gets busy like a world class sprinter but does not actually get much additional speed. I guess the character had to run at least twice as fast to justify that busy animation. It feels like running against rubber bands attached to my back or running in knee-deep water and that actually stresses me out as a player.
There are videos on the web where people do GTA5 animation in real life. It looks looks very silly, just like DT’s sprinting animation at the moment…
So either: increase running speed or decrease the busy moves during running.


This was in closed beta too and was awful.

Very disappointed to read it hasn’t been fixed.

I write fixed because the animation compared to distance effectively ran makes it a bug of its own.