Walking/Running animation Bug

Lately a weird animation for Running and Walking has started to occur each time I’m playing.
I’ve never seen this before (I think it started to happen after GK update got released).

So, if someone is holding a strafe left or right button like A or D then your character is playing the running forward animation instead of the usual left/right one. It also happens when youre holding both Forward key and Strafe key at the same time, animation for moving forward is always playing.

I’ve also noticed that when you are inspecting your character, and then as the camera zooms in and you move, your character plays the correct animation for moving right/left.

You can mostly notice it on bots since they are looking at you 24/7 and are doing a moonwalk at that.

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Hello, @Shaggy412
I tried to reproduce this bug but without any good results.
Is this on PC? Would it be possible for you to upload a video of this issue happening and I might be able to see what’s going on?



Welcome to the community, Morris!

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