Sprint exhausting all block?

i think in darktide, you should only be able to use half of your blocks possible by exhausting your stamina with running.
like if you have 4 blocks possible, 100% stamina drained will leave you with 2 blocks.
More stamina should still equate to more blocks though.

also, if this system is incorporated, we will want some details about the system… like if you have 5 stamina blocks, and you use 100% stamina and are theoretically at 2.5 blocks, does that amount to 3 blocks? does it amount to 2 blocks and a third block that is considered a “weak block” that can suffer more stagger or even block failure based on the attack/enemy? (is that what the cracked shield in vermintide 2 represents???)

we would probably need some type of notification about our blocking ability. you could potentially do one bar, and have part of the bar represent your total blocks, but this sort of takes light away from your stamina being as important. probably would want to have 2 bars, one for stamina only, and one representing your blocks that partially depletes as your stamina depletes. could still be minimal on your ui like this

also, can we have a character stats page??
still have no idea how much crit %age i have with any given weapon at any time.

i suspect the devs invisioned sprint as a tool people used to catch up as who would want o sprint take extra damage and depleat thier ability to block as they enter combat?

well turns out we do because we all feel that need to go faster :wink:

i really dont see them making it any safer to do , it would make more sense to just do like v2 up the base move speed and remove the function. if they wanted to go that way… i suspect they dont

If you’re having issues with sprint sucking up all your stamina, just spam slides while sprinting. Stamina drain pauses while sliding, so you can make the speed increase cover a WAY longer distance.

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