0 stamina Block vs. No Block at all

So a quick question about blocking…Stamina is used when blocking to mitigate damage, but what happens when you have no stamina left? Will blocking still mitigate at least some damage?

Another way to ask, if I’m running IronBreaker with shield/axe and run out of stamina while putting the beatdown on a bunch of ugly, am I better off not blocking for a few seconds and running around to regen stamina, or hold firm with the shield until I get some stamina back?


You do still block. Perhaps just not certain more powerful attacks.

It would be good if a dev could clarify this as there’s a lot of guessing. Same for parry (surely it requires a push?)

From what I’ve seen, if you block with no stamina left, you will block the hit, but you will be staggered and your block broken during the stagger, which means if another enemy attack you, you will then get hit. I believe at long as you’re fighting a single monster and hold block, other than unblockable nothing can actually hurt you. You might take partial damage on that stagger hit though I haven’t tested enough.

IronBreaker with shield and block makes for a pretty good team survival insurance policy.

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