WHY does the slab shield get the LEAST amount of stamina for Ogryn?

Any other Ogryns that love the shield confused as to why the weapon BUILT for blocking gets absolutely crapped on for stamina gained for the weapon?

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You get a stamina cost reduction from the attributes of the shield, and you have the special ability that lets you regenerate stamina while blocking.
It’s very weird that they balanced it this way, but in practice it works nicely.


There is no regeneration on block, at all, its generation on heavy attacks. The reduction on the shield is a joke, a literal joke, the difference between my 74% defences shield and 67% shield is less than 1%. I would rather have more stamina since the defenses stat does nothing at all from all the shields I have used.

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There is stamina regeneration on the special action.
7% defense difference BETWEEN SHIELDS is definitely very minor and doesn’t feel like much, but a 70% shield bonus compared to a regular weapon is major. Getting 2 stamina and having the same blocking efficiency as a knife would make the shield painfully useless.
Just grab a trinket with +2 stamina and you’re there already.

Yet you don’t have any issue with a knife having basically the same efficiency as the shield BECAUSE of the extra stamina it receieves, alright, your logic has left the building now. Maybe had the game not crashed for me and my friend when we tried to view the special action on our weapons I might have learned that. Had more crashes on RELEASE then the damn beta.

The knife does not have the same blocking efficiency as a shield. The knife gets 2 extra stamina, and the shield takes less stamina damage per hit than the knife does.

Is it hidden somewhere? Can’t say I’ve ever seen any extra stamina regen when I plonk the shield down at all.

It’s not an extra stamina regen. The defense stat is how much less stamina you lose per attack compared to blocking with another weapon. It also doesn’t require putting it down. There’s a defense stat on the weapon that “tells” you how much less stamina you lose when you get attacked. (Unfortunately because fatshart is fatshart, 70% just means 70% of maximum possible reduction, not 70% actual reduction.) But the point is that getting hit by an attack that drains 3 stamina when blocked with a knife will drain only one stamina or so on the shield.
The benefit of putting the shield down is that you no longer lose stamina at all when blocking, you can still block at 0 stamina, and you regenerate stamina at a normal rate while being immune to getting your block broken. So the strategy is usually holding the shield up, moving towards the enemy, and when you’re about to hit 0, you put the shield down, you regenerate your stamina, you pick it up, and move forward while blocking again. It’s not efficient for clearing a mission, but it guarantees that you can block any and every attack you want.

Unfortunately I can’t test the exact block costs between weapons anymore because I refunded the game due to the mobile game skinnerbox shop.

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Mate it is a slab of metal, it actually makes sense that you do not get extra stamina for running with a bunker wall on your arm. You use its special to set a solid barrier to protect your team and lose no stamina and toughness whatsoever. It is more OP than anything… just learn how to use it properly.

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I’m chill with no sprint stamina, and I’m chill with reduced speed… but it does sting to have both. Hard to protect the little 'uns when I can’t keep up with them.

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Btw. My slabshield has +3 stamina, so I am not sure how much you want it :smiley:
An to be fair Ogryns have the best mobility ult so, you can always get to your team (if they are not lonewolfing half a level away).

I don’t think the intended use of Bull Rush is to catch up with your team.

Not sure on what lvls you are playing, but look at Ogryn passives, it is pretty clear that this is a support class, not a Tank class. I’d say primary use of Ogryn rush is to topple a horde if Zealot does not have nades, interrupt charges of Muties and Plague Ogryns, stagger all ogryn based enemies and get to your teamm8s for easy and fast revive.
In the end it is your or mine or anyone elses fantasy, so play as you like and good luck :slight_smile:

Oh, I agree with you!
And it’s not available for those things if you use it to catch up with your team yoloing ahead.

Haha, true that, but it seems to be more of a team issue than a Slabshield issue :smiley:
We just need to take care of them puny ones, apparently give orders as well… small brains these small ppl have :wink:

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