Bulwark Shield vs Slab Shield

  • Why do we have to special plant the shield in order to block attacks, but ogryn npc’s get to walk around with it? At the very least let us “block” to do what our current special does.

  • Why does ranged fire shred our toughness so fast while blocking with the shield? Even when i run all toughness curios with shield block efficiency on them, and on my slab shield, it takes about 1-2 seconds to break my stamina.

  • Why is the stamina on the shield so much lower than on the bully clubs? Especially when slab shield is intended to be used as a more defensive option.

I heard that the slab shield is being looked at by catfish but when can we see something? It is really dissapointing that the shield is so so bad, it is worse than every other weapon in the game.


So run max stamina curios not toughness curios.

Its getting a full rework.

I did just that. Added a stamina curio, and two toughness curios. All running block efficiency, which my slab shield is using too.

I am having fun.

Still trying to figure out the best ranged option. Rumbler or GG. GG seems slightly better at ogryn and special killing, rumbler is better at horde. I find myself using rumbler a lot when I use it and GG less but more impactful.

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IMO rumbler is more fun and GG is stronger for special sniping. But the rumbler does give you a lot of flexibility on target selection due to its high aoe and good impact damage.

Gorgonum stubber is very good too but doesn’t solve for BIG BOIS and ARMOR.

I can 2-3 shot ogryns with carapace and unyielding perks on GG. Takes more shots with rumbler

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I actually have the same problem with the shield, while I understand that infinite stamina vs shooters will be sort of busted it still will not be that overpowered, because enemies still can surround us.
So, I think that Fatshark made current Ogrin shield the same way they did in Vermintide, which is wrong because of the amount of ranged enemies in the game now, and that’s why three shooters can drain your shield stamina in a second.

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