Split Map Sections


How will maps pathways and events be different in Darktide?

Will the map levels in Darktide have any moments, or sections, where the group of 4 are forced to split into parties of 2?

For example, one team branches to a high elevation platform to turn on power during a blackout and provide cover to a team of 2 on the ground finishing the task?

(I understand this may not work with bots while playing solo, but I think it would be a nice change of pace for some missions. Maybe if bots act differently in Darktide, it may be possible?)

This can even be possible if there is not a task. Different walkways to provide cross-fire and line of sight coverage would be nice. Having multiple line of sight elevations during hordes can help prevent friendly fire.

Will Map effects restrict, or open, areas previously unaffected? (During an Acid Rain Storm for example you can to only used covered walkways.)

Lastly, will there be specific areas only some character can reach? Sniper platforms, maybe the Ogryn is too big to fit through certain doors (having to waddle around the long way), or only the Ogryn can open certain doors. Unlocking a new path for everyone during the level.

These are just some of the ideas for I have, Is there anything the Community wants to see for map layouts and designs for Darktide?


Yes they said you have to split at times!
But good Question on Bots. In reckon they do upgrade Pathfinding on these specific Maps!



One step closer to a random map generator! (not really)


you bet XD

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