Spear vs Halberd

wait i was being stupid, probably.

Have been a bit sleep deprived due to fever in recent times,i´ll blame i on that.

The armory mod lists cleave as damage/stagger and in the halberds case it was like 7.5 and 7.2 or something, meaning it effectively hits about 7 targets with a mass of 1 per hit, but with the linesman bonus boosting it up to 10~

I really am not sure where i got the idea to put the amount of targets damaged+staggered from when i know they are different.

So the cleave on the halberd light attack is indeed 10, it hits and damages 10 targets and also staggers them a bit scaling down as it does.

But other than that my rant was still right as the numbers for the rest still match.

And in addition i´d like to mention that executioner sword light attacks have armor pen on headshots which makes them work well against stormvermin in mixed hordes, that and tremendous stagger.

This is the point: Spear isn’t ahead of the rest. For example Exe has pro and cons and I feel it stronger with Merch. Halberd has still its niche but it would need some love, because Exe has better hordes and armors damage, just to do another example.
The real problem are the unused weapons, like 1h Hammer or 2h Sword. So we must start to buff them.
Spear isn’t a nuclear bomb (I don’t want to be rude, but there are objective facts that say it isn’t the strongest weapon)… while the unused weapons worse than bare hands fighting are terribly real.

Block cost reduction and push strength would be my recommendations if we’re going to nerf it. Its a long weapon so its reach to stab and sweep, its attack patterns are things it probably should have. It being a particularly strong weapon in close quarters is maybe less a spear trait.

but still spear outperform both of them, yes its ahead of the rest, its dont need too much skill to use and gives better results than both of “top” weapons

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This is false and I already explained it to you in an old thread.

And I already overthrew your arguments in same topic, but you just ignored them

The exact opposite happened… I remember very well you finished your arguments :wink:

Anyway everyone can read the old threads and see who’s right… I don’t want repeat myself and, to be honest, I have no interest to talk again with you and your ways always near to flame.

How is spear not ahead of the rest? it’s outclassed by some weapons in certain aspects by a little bit, but all around it is by far the strongest most versatile weapon Kruber has available to him. Why would you take exe for that slight bit of horde and armour dmg when spear does it about as well + significantly better crowd control and defensive stats?
Besides, you might be surprised to hear this but greatsword isn’t nearly as bad as you think it is. It’s underrated and, in my opinion, one of the most balanced weapons in the game with a clear strength and weakness. Only thing it could use is a bit more attack speed, an extra attack that you can chain from the push attack and it would honestly be perfect.
And what other melee weapons would be stronger than spear? Only obvious one that comes to mind is dual daggers.

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The problem it that I don’t agree about this:

Exe is strongly better vs hordes. It’s about moveset, not numbers. The best Spear’s moveset (vs hordes) is light attack (wich is a thrust attack)> heavy attack. Thrust attacks (wich are the 50% of Spear’s combo) are terribly bad to fight an horde. While Exe can spam swept attacks. Every its attack hits the entire horde and it actives Paced Strikes.
Same speech about armors damage: every heavy combo’s attack is perfect vs armoured enemies and it has much higher damage than Spear (in this case both moveset and numbers are important).

Without Spear, Merch will be again “only Exe Sword”.

2h Sword isn’t that bad, but it’s totally overshadowed by Exe.

I’m sorry, but my idea will remain the same… we should start to buff the unused weapons and only later to see what weapons is really the strongest.

We just don’t agree then. We can buff and nerf weapons at the same time, and I very very strongly oppose buffing weapons to spear levels.


Yea, we simply have different opinions, it’s fine. But just to be clear: not only Spear, I think that both Exe and Spear are the two perfect Krub’s weapons, and the other ones should reworked around them, with pro and cons… but I repeat: it’s fine to have different opinions.

What con have spear?

I already wrote it, few posts above.

Somehow I don’t see it nowhere

Exactly as I already wrote it weeks ago, when we argued in the old thread. Then… thanks but nope, I don’t want repeat myself forever. If you don’t see it (or if you don’t want), I’m sorry but patience. My goal is to show it to developers.

Ah you means those objectively wrong points ok that were undermined and proved wrong

You’re missing the point in why Spear beats the Executioner, even in departments where Executioner should win. Sure, on paper the Executioner kills, for example, a Chaos Warrior way faster. And in a one-on-one situation, it does as well. But that’s not a realistic situation. During an actual run you fight Elites mixed in trash mobs, while a bunch of Specials breathe in your neck as you try to reposition yourself in all that mess.

And in that situation, the Spear is simply way more effective. Because of its powerful crowd control capabilities and manouvering ability, you get way more openings to attack and land those juicy heavy stab headshots where an Executioner overhead would not have been possible to pull off. Given the same kind of enemies (in the context of a realistic encounter), you will kill them all faster with the Spear than any other weapon. This even counts for stuff like dense hordes, where on paper weapons other than the Spear should have better damage, but because of the Spear’s amazing reach and stagger you can attack way more often, resulting in a better kill time in real combat.


I will not lose other time with a toxic player, sorry. And obvly not only in this thread, I noticed your behavior near to flame in more threads and with more people.

edit: oh, you edited your post


Following your reasoning, Shields too are better vs armors than Exe… they stagger more, they have more control, you will slowly and safely kill all the elites. But this is NOT provocation, let me explain myself better.
I understand your point of view, but first: Vermintide is a coop game; second: kill rapidly is important.
If you have a mate that stagger, you can kill safely every elites with Exe too… but much faster (very important thing)! This because Spear is a jack of all trades, while Exe is more specialized.

Shields aren’t better than Executioner in the same sense, since even though they are safer they kill waaaaaaaay less fast. The Spear is safer and kills faster because of that.

And regarding your argument that Executioner is better in case a teammate staggers the enemies for you: Yeah, in that context, maybe. But we were comparing the weapons against each other, not comparing the weapons in case somebody else does half the job for you. And even if we wanted to compare in that context: Since the Spear clears room and staggers everything it also amplifies damage output for teammates, so that’d be yet another point in favor of it compared to other weapons.

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