Spear+Shield just feels horrible to play

The biggest reason for this is how much of your screen gets occupied by the shield while blocking and during bashing. Both Bardin and Markus push their shields to the left while bashing, almost completely out of your FoV, giving you enough time to see whats going on in front of you. Kerillian just pushes the shield forwards, so it still occupies most of your screen. There is no way to tell the state enemies are in after the bash, and if its safe to open up for attacks or to keep blocking/bashing. It just feels very bad.
Please make Kerillian shield-bash the same way Bardin and Markus do, push the shield out to the left instead of forward.


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If you shield bash (bash = push, a charged shield attack= shield punch) and miss, you’re left open for chip dmg for an instant. Which… in dire situations could kill you.

If kerrillian’s shield rush (in this instance, D&D terms) prevents me from taking chip dmg at the cost of visibility, I’d be for it.

Is that the case with this dlc weapon? (I doubt it is, but would like to ask, i don’t own the dlc)

While we’re at it, it can’t be too complicated to actually add in a shield rush option, who’d be ok with this? Gives players a proper SHIELD Wall Viking/Spartan/Roman style

I dont quite follow what you are getting at. Do you mean Shield rush=Charged shield attack? In that case, Kerillian doesnt use her shield at all when doing charged attacks. She has a 3-attack pattern, the first charge attack, which is also the only cleaving attack the weapon has, is a vertical sweep from right to left, followed by an angled overhead, followed by a strong stab.

I’m not making a point. Rather I’m saying it’s something I’d want and I was asking if her Shield Push (since she isn’t bashing with the shield by swinging it like a door, she is in this instance termed as shield rushing in D&D terms) left you open for chip dmg like a normal shield bash from kruber/bardin would.

So…mechanics wise, I anticipate that her Shield Push leaves her open to chip dmg like other shields. I’m just stating that if it DIDN’T and the tradeoff was to limit your visibility, then I’d be all for it.

I couldnt tell if it makes you immune to chip damage. But I highly doubt that they change the mechanics of a shield bash for Kerillian only just because it would make logical sense with the way she bashes.
That said, with how limited the field of view is during bashing, its really hard to find out if its safe to strike or to keep pushing (especially vs beastmen and their pikes hitting you from 2nd or 3rd row). So either you end up attacking at a bad time, or you end up spending the entire horde blocking, pushing and dodging/dashing with hardly doing any damage. And thats not very fun, atleast to me.
If they keep it the current way, this weapon is completely dead to me.

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Really makes you think how there is not a single person who came here to tell me that im just doing it wrong and the weapon is actually amazing, like in every other weapon discussion thread. Maybe the weapon is actually that annoying to use.

ok…you’re using it wrong, and you should feel wrong /zoidberg holler


No im not happy. Its a DLC weapon that was paid for and it seems widely accepted to be garbage. I havent seen a. single. handmaiden. use it, and it surely isnt because of a lack of DLC owners. I see more blasted hammer+shield ranger veterans than this…
And its gna stay garbage until people start to complain about it.

well…stop using it then? I noticed the normal spear has had it’s attack combos changed. The charge attack is now a swipe rather than a hard pierce. The light attacks are now just 3 straight pokes when before it was poke, swipe, poke, poke.

Sorry for your loss tho, you paid for something that was lackluster. I reaffirm my stance to never support anything day 1 at full retail price.

Im not using it because its annoying to play with compared to her other weapons and other classes’ shield weapons. Thats the whole issue. Thats the reason I made this thread to begin with. Feedback, ya know?

Not the case. There were always two charge attacks, first swipe, then stab. Not rarely, light and heavy chains get advanced by using the other attack or push attack, respectively. When using push- or charge attack on spear, then immediately go to light attack afterwards, you skip the first attack in the light stab, stab, swipe, stab chain. Same with charge attack, if you do a light or push attack, you skip the swipe.

Which is a good approach. But if nobody buys it, there wont be any feedback, so there wont be many (or any) bugfixes. Also, if nobody buys their product, they simply stop developing.

Alright, granted I didn’t have anything insightful to begin with so I was trying to make lighthearted comments but now you’re just dissecting everything I say. We should have a private conversation about our opinions on how to approach developers, I don’t wanna derail this topic further from your complaints about bad game design mechanics.

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