Spawns that raise paranoia levels

I know this has been reported before but honestly its such a terror to deal with at times that i intend to do it again.

Chaos warrior spawning in an already cleared area behind a guy passing through, not cool.

(Found on reddit, not made by me)
This seriously needs to stop : (


Facespawns are not cool, specially when the game has an interesting and well-rounded mechanic for regurgitating enemies : crawling out of holes in the ground, hopping over walls, climbing down terrain, etc. I don’t get how or why this happens ; specially so suddenly with the last patch.
Either they developped Engi on an old branch of the project, and had patched the issues on another ; or they’re laying grounds for the Chaos Wastes and that is breaking bits of code in the current version of the game.
Either way, I’m sure these bugs won’t last long.
Also thank you for clearing my conscience, usually I’m the Bardin in that situation and I was really wondering if I was going crazy…

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No matter how bad this looks like, him spawning behind you and starting the swing is infinitely worse.

I wish there was at least a timer, like “no attacking within 5 sec from spawning”.

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This would be a band-aid on the problem.
Not having them spawn there in the first place is the solution.


Well who knows why this is happening more than before, could be a number of reasons. But you need not thank me for clearing your conscience for i mostly did it for myself for the same reason xd

I like longbow/sniper weapons and i´ve long lost count or any real feeling of “ah i made a mistake” when dying from sudden attacks when trying to aim in a place i was completely certain was safe. Or just walking around as the Bardin in the video did.

Comparatively, even if a melee career gets hit with the same deal they tend to be more durable and survive those hits, and have access to good THP generation to cover so the next hit wont kill them. It does still suck for those too though.

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I agree, but I would presume that to be something reasonably doable within a year.

I doubt that the spawns are intentionally broken and that FS hasn’t been trying to fix them from the beginning.

There is little in the game more infurating than getting a little rat wearing a nappy materialize out of the ether and stab you in the backside. Getting a surprise overhead from a SV that insta-downs you as RV with 2 grims is blood-boiling-in-your-veins territory.


I had this happen last night while playing engineer. Walked to a corner that was cleared with no spawn points or walls enemies could crawl over. double checked to see if it was clear. Started blasting the horde that was on its way, took an overhead from a mauler that spawned in the corner behind my back, instantly downing me.
Then the bots that were next to me ran off to kill a distant ratling, leaving me behind to die, failing the run


Welcome to the club. There are many posts about this issue and they’re all marked as acknowledged ; I really think this is the single most annoying bug in the game and that should be fixed asap.

Looking forwards to playing Versus and spawning out of nowhere behind someone as a Mauler and thumping them on the head.

I reckon it must be a pretty hard bug to pin down as I certainly can’t see some pattern or trigger to it.

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