Spawning out of air

difficulty precis:

essentially, this is a version on my long standing issue with this game, the enemies acting out of nowhere, e.g. turning 360 stages in an open area with no-one in sight simplest to be backstabbed one 2nd later. The purpose why Iā€™m reporting this is due to the fact I would really like to know if that is the way it is supposed to paintings on this recreation in order that iā€™m able to forestall complaining if that is the case.

This precise incident occurred on the higher level of plaza inside the Screaming bell, near the doorway to the second one grim. There were no enemies inside the location for at least five seconds, no corpses, nada. i was transferring forward with my shield down when a Skavenslave unexpectedly appeared in front of me, factor blank, and hit me tough sufficient to kill me (i was wounded, but my temphealth changed into over 60%). FetLife

This is not intentional, but ideally we need to see a screenshot of the exact location this occurred in to be able to address this. :slight_smile:

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