SpaceOrc's feedback and suggestions - PvP, LoD and else


First of all - awesome game, liking it even more than the first one, to the point I really wish that a few shortcomings will be ironed out and we’ll end up with something remarkable. Given how some games do evolve to become leagues better than after launch (Warframe, RS Siege etc) I keep my fingers crossed for good support!

I have a couple of issues, so I decided to compile them in a separate thread, you’re welcome to comment, maybe tell me where I’m wrong and suggest different solution?

LoD - current implementation of level of detail is pretty poor and can be really distracting. One reason being some objects which are affecting the gameplay coming into view a bit late (barrels suddenly popping in on the horizon etc) another are ones changing the nature of objects, like Siennas hair glowing on lower LoD and “extinguishing” itself when LoD0 is loaded, or candles that are unlit until you get close to them. On top of that there is loads of crates, pebbles etc that appear just a few yards away. Would there be a possibility to either adjust LoD distance, or to disable those extra decorative elements, pop-in is more annoying than its worth to have those few extra objects in the scene.

Weapon Draw - would it be difficult to set weapon draw order to be the last one, so rifle barrels dont intersect with walls and tables?

Materials - weapons don’t look like they are made of metal, even in direct sunlight they don’t reflect the light right. I don’t recall that being a problem in VT1, can we get the old material shaders back? It uses PBR, so it’s a bit puzzling why blades wouldn’t look metallic.

Overall, due to those shortcomings some 5 year old games like Battlefield 4 or Tomb Raider look better, and it’s a shame as it seems to be fixable (all the assets and designs themselves are absolutely fantastic!).

PvP - The greatest thing still missing from the game is PvP mode, like the one in L4D.

Legacy maps - content from the first VT (or the “Greates Hits” maps) made playable in this one, with new classes?

Progression - I’m probably in a minority here, but I found loot in the first game to be somewhat charming. Adjusting it so you get items for your class is great, as well as slightly adjusting drop rate, but rolling dice at the end of a match was so unique, missing it it feels like Heroes of Might and Magic game without city screens :stuck_out_tongue:

Dedicated servers - more of a side note, I know they are coming, but I think it was a mistake to release the game without them. I’m sure it put off a few people when host disconnected, that didn’t make a great first impression. Fingers crossed with servers it will be plausible to handle 8 players and to get a PvP mode? Please?! :wink:

Anyway, if anyone wants to comment, disagree, or +1 any of those points, drop a replay :slight_smile:

Presenting: carbon fiber repeating rifle!