My feedback so far (420+ hours)

After 420+ hours, I want to share some of my opinions about the state of the game so far.

The game has the solid base of the previous episode, and the melee fighting is awesome. I simply love it.
I also like the classes although I think they still need some fine tuning.

There are some points that I found quite disappointing and frustrating:

[graphic engine]
The graphic engine is still a pain to tune up. Using gamma around 2.2/2.3, you still have almost black scenarios like in “the righteous stand” cathedral. On higher gamma level, you will play something similar to the first ‘castle wolfenstein’…

I have also doubts about some of the map lighting design. From a side we have the ‘righteous stand’ cathedral that is darker than the ‘hunger in the dark’ mine or ‘into the nest’ dwarven ruins…

In the ‘hunger in the dark’, the black section seems something inspired to V1 ‘the dungeons’, with the difference that it was caused by a magic curse, but now it is caused because our heroes started the mission forgetting any torch, or lantern…

Another weird effect is about our character. For some reason it is object to the armor/weapon reflections, but it doesn’t cast any shadow (and light effect in case of Sienna). This gives some ‘ghostly’ effect I simply don’t like.

It still have sporadic mid-air blooding wounds from nothing than the thin air, and some animations are still ‘broken’ (like the funny patrolling chaos warriors).

In sporadic occasions, chaos foes move/jump/climb in a way more similar to a skaven than a human crazy barbarian. They seem to worship more an Alien Queen than Nurgle.

[the physics]
With the only exception of doors, buttons, explosive barrels and some useless floating debris platform, the environment around is frozen. A small chair is able to impede a player or a stormvermin.

The mining cart in ‘hunger in the dark’ is somewhat ethereal. It doesn’t offer any repair, and enemies can pass through without any problem. When it runs down on a slope, it doesn’t crush anyone in its path…

Another nasty feature is the ‘ethereal-effect’ of the enemies, and it gives its worst into legend mode. You can face a horde or a patrol into a narrow corridor, but they seems to be able to strike you without hitting each other at all, with 10 foes taking up the same space needed for 2 or 3.

From this point of view, the engine is almost the same present into V1. Try to figure out, a rat ogre that trying to hit players throwing an unlucky stormvermin nearby… a monster fight that devastate a market…

Up to now, I looted only 2 helms.
They are simply too rare and they still need of some work.
Yesterday I met a Kruber with a cool red armor and grey helm… but he seems dressed by a goblin. :slight_smile:

The ones linked to the challenges seems a cheap reskin of the base armors.

Reached item level 300, and a good equipment set, the red items hunt starts. They are rare and not related to any particular merit with the exception of being lucky.

The worst & frustrating part is the constant impression that, the rewards are equal for all missions (normal & special ones like skittergate, or the boss ones).
They don’t seem to care about what the team faced. The loot is equal for all.

Another aspect to care about is the weapon balance. Most of them are useless on higher difficulty level (like hagbane swift bow for example) reducing the choice to 1-2 of them.

[individual stats]
I find them interesting as soon as I discovered that they push some players to race and impede each others. A very bad side-effect into coop game. Maybe it’s worth to rework it as team stats to gain something else.

[the legend difficulty mode]
Up to now, my impressions are that you should be more lucky than skilled to complete one.

Frequently the game is spamming swarms, monsters, specials at will, and your best hope is to find yourself in the right point of the map with a non-fatal enemy combination.

My actual record is a chaos spawn, a skaven swarm, 4-5 specials, and a stormvermin patrol popped out from nowhere. Honestly I prefer a game crash to this experience.

An idea might be to change the approach. Instead of wild spawning creatures harder to kill, keep champion level and increase players and foes fragility (by adding melee and ranged heavy friendly fire, explosions vulnerability, … enemy archers?)


The phrase “dressed by a goblin” Won the internet for me today. Bravo.

he reminded me one of the ‘Overlord’ minion :slight_smile:

U made my day, m8 :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Hagbane is one of the most versatile ranged weapons in the elf’s arcenal, ofc it has weak points, but it’s defenetly not weak and can work prety good on all 3 elven careers.


It’s the strongest ranged weapon in the game I would say… Melts bosses and can stagger everything, even CW’s if you hit them in the chest/neck area. There is no other ranged weapon that can kill bosses as fast as the hagbane. It holds the spot for top dps. Not to mention you can push patrols off the edges of cliffs, etc. It staggers Ratling gunners and flamethrowers for 1-2 seconds per shot, so that they can’t shoot anymore. Allowing you to close the distance for melee or just fire 2 more shots and have them die from the poison anyway. 3 quick left clicks into Leeches and they teleport away and die from the poison. On the WS, you have unlimited ammo unless you have no clue what your doing. On HM, you deal a lot more damage due to her talents, almost 1k of damage per tick with a strength potion. I don’t play shade, but the hagbane will kill bosses faster and safer than her ULT unless you have a purple potion.

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