General Feedback 2022/11/19

Positive Bits:
:green_circle: Superb Soundtrack, ambiance, SFX
:green_circle: Combat feels different than Vermintide, but familiar
:green_circle: 4 Available Classes offer solid launch variety
:green_circle: Lots of positive comments on the tutorials
:green_circle: Clever way to add variety with the missions

Bugs, Negatives, Etc:
:red_circle: Collision Detection on the Extraction Ramp (Crew got stuck often)
:red_circle: Explosion Repulsion: Some of the launching physics were … immense.
:red_circle: Mutants knocked the Ogryn through walls and out of the map to die multiple times.
:red_circle: Tags don’t seem to last very long
:red_circle: Ranged Enemies: Biggest frustration with the game is pure ranged enemy groups in tight quarters. Such barrages that it staggers all players and it seems as if nothing can be done. Granted, this is around difficulty 3 with a group between 10-20. Didn’t happen often. I don’t have any suggestions, really. Just wanted to make note that it was quite rage inducing. :grin:

Changes I’d like to see:
:white_medium_small_square: Less dead ambiance and lack of music.
:white_medium_small_square: Changes to the Veteran Sharpshooter for an ebb/flow build w/ melee/ranged
:white_medium_small_square: Always On character outlines, and more noticeable outlines

Overall: I’m a happy Darktide player.