SP mod Progression

I just tried the Solo mod in combination Tertium 5, which allows your spare characters to accompany you and it was a blast!

  • I could freely choose mission and modifier
  • As it was locally hosted I had no problems with hit registration or weapon swapping.
  • I could explore the map at my own tempo
  • the team stayed in coherency
  • I could listen to my characters I like interacting with each other
  • I could try to match the groups equipment in a sensible way

A really fun experience - but obviously without progression it felt also unrewarding in the end.

I get the team is obviously busy with other stuff and there is good reason for that. But since there haven’t been any news for months about official SP mode - maybe there is a possibility to enable progression for the mod as a stop gap measure until there is time to tackle the subject properly?


That would actually make me play the mod, but my guess is that FS doesn’t really want SP, because that would take away a hugh number of players from the MP pool.

EVENTUALLY they may add SP, but only IF they ever achieve a big enough & stable MP player base.

At least that is what I think is happening…

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unlikely to ever happen, to enable progression on a Session host PC, they would need to allow to send your PC, information to the servers on what equipment you have.

this creates a problem where if you know how to manipulate it, could send any fabricated info to the server, IE effectively creating designer gear to be used on regular multiplayer sessions.
tl:dr its a gateway to cheating

Console version of VT2 had this even offline and as we don’t shoot each other and the difference between a perfectly designed gun and a decently grinded gun is more emotional then practical for me this would be a non issue.

But yes - as FS has declared endless RNG grinding to be a core „feature“ I see your point.

Nevertheless pc VT2 also tracked local hosted progression although you had to be always on (which sucks with Germany‘s digital infrastructure or more the lack thereoff - but that’s a different topic). Thus why shouldn’t DT track locally hosted progression while you’re online?

Seriously combat in DT is much more fun without server lag!

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It’s a fantastic pitch, they’ll never do it because they prefer to do everything they can to drive us away LOL


Maybe if patch 13 is part of some kind of soft relaunch solo progression could be part of it? Just dreaming…

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might actually be the case

They are losing huge numbers in the MP pool anyway.

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Someone who wants to play SP but isn’t allowed to won’t just resign himself to MP, he’ll leave.

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I don’t think so, the SP group is definitely a small minority, and as someone who has played the singleplayer mod quite a bit a lot of that small minority will try the SP, realise it feels very different to how they were expecting, and return to MP.

Maybe, maybe not.

I’m saying, that’s what I think is FS’s reasoning or better “fear”, sensible or not…

Fear is not rational.


Yea the bots won’t do pickups either of medkits, ammo, books…

I played Escape from Tarkov single player mod (which is banned by dev studio). It would run a local server off your machine and you could edit money, equipment, AI behaviour, AI stats like accuracy, tailor your experience etc. Means you could build dream loadouts without fear of losing it compared to online.

The client install would just repoint to localhost server instead of dev’s official server. Would all work locally offline, no internet.

Something like that implemented means the game lasts forever

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Might be part of the reason it’s taking a while. Unlike VT2 the AI in Darktide is done serverside, and its probably not a simple thing to make that local again so the game can be made to last forever.

The other part of the reason if I had to guess is that FS doesnt want to put out a solo mode that isn’t highly polished because they are probably pretty sick of putting out half baked stuff lol

Literally me. Could look past the horrendous decisions FS have made because the core gameplay is so good, unfortunately they don’t let me enjoy it unless I go mod things extensively. So now I only play VT2.


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