SourceViewModel is removed due to technical problems, any chance of creating these features by the devs?

Quoting SirAiedail:

The mod relied on some legacy functions of the game engine, which broke during the last patch. And since these functions belong to a third-party system, Fatshark is not going to fix them.

The current approach of moving the player camera lead to issues with the audio system not being able to determine your position correctly. And since that is mostly written in C, mods can’t patch it.

An alternate solution might be to rework the first person player model, but AFAIK we don’t have tools to mess with models, yet. And with that approach the mod would also have to adjust all weapon animations to the new model, which would be a ton of work.

The mod filled the important gap in the game’s options. It allowed to make first person hands and weapons to look further from the camera.

The problem is that the default view(of 1st person model) is supposed to suit very low FOV options (around 70-80).

If you play on 90-100 FOV, or even more, then the default view(of 1st person model) just looks bad, its not consistent with your FoV at all.
You notice it while swinging at the enemies as well. (Your reach is seen as huge with high fov, yet your weapon model is very close to your camera).

And another drawback is you can’t enjoy how your weapon looks as much, as you could with the mod.
There are lots of weapons that have important parts (axe head, mace head, etc), that just don’t fit into the default view.

Any chance of implementing the option from you devs? Or making it possible for modders to do it?

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