Why do first person view weapon models have LoD?

Why do first person view objects have LoD thresholding?
In my opinion the hands and the guns in your first person view are the most important objects in terms of detail (and gameplay reasons), that they shouldn’t have any kind of LoD setting.

Although the old LoD problem has been fixed somewhat, current issue seems to be slowed texture LoD now.


They have LOD probably because the third person, and first person models, are the exact same. there’s no dedicated first person boltgun model, that’s why the weapon customization mod works the way it does where it only has to add one part, with one set of offsets, there’s no “first person part” and “third person part”

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Yeah, this is a legit gripe for once. I have no idea why there’s LoD on your own character. Anyways, if you’re on a PC and have good nvidia hardware, it seems that having DLSS on and the LoD slider up to full makes a lot of the LoD issues go away.

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