Sound is scuffed + lag

Since the chaos wastes update i have been experiencing sound problems - walk, attack and skill sounds are fine, but there are no hit sounds, specials only sometimes have sound. Also, enemies hit while the sound is broken in this manner will create lag - during hordes i have less than 10 fps constantly. i disabled all mods, verified files & reinstalled the game. reinstalling fixed this issue in the keep but it started again ingame

Could you check your Default Format, etc. per the instructions here please? Just as a sanity check to make sure nothing is amiss on your PC: [PC] How to Resolve Most Audio Issues – Fatshark

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Heyho, did all that but the problem sadly persists

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And I mean that my frames were so bad that, I played every game consecutively with 2-4 frames the entire match. If I stare at a corner I get 10-11 frames. What the heck is going on

Hi, I have the exact same problem. Can’t hear hookrats, can hear assassins, can hear dialogue, cant hear horde music. My frames dropped to 2-4 playing slaanesh chaos waste. Unplayable. Using Radeon software 21.4.1 released on 4.15.21. Win7-x64 - AMD Radeon RX5700 XT Sapphire Nitro, 24GB ram.

Had 0 problems prior to chaos wastes update. Game has particle density / framerate drop issues in regular campaign also

Game is unplayable

We’re looking in to it, apologies for the inconvenience.

It would be very much appreciated if you could add to this post, to help our developers with their investigation: Chaos Wastes Performance Issues - FPS Drops


  • Usually i have around 120 - 160 fps on maxed settings. Now it drops to sub 10 if there are many enemies on the map. If there are few, or none, enemies around my fps is normal.
  • Yes, i disabled all but the UI tweaks mod (i disabled it the other day in an attempt to fix my problem but it didnt change anything)
  • rtx3060ti, ryzen 7 3700x
  • Windows 10 Pro version: 20H2
  • yes, but the problem persists no matter which or how many heroes are around/active
  • no
  • everywhere, amount of enemies present seem to cause drops
  • nope

Personally i think it must be some sort of problem with hit sounds, the more enemies are hit and supposed to “produce” hit sounds, the more lag is created

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