Something to show for our scars

There I was kicking rats, getting my weapons caked in their blood and brains, when I asked myself:

Where’s my blood?

I mean, sure, Sienna asks that to herself from time to time, but what if we saw some scars and gashes on ourselves and our companions, when the hurt came “hurtling” towards us?

I was thinking about something along the lines of the face of the ancient “doomguy”, where when you got hit, and your health went spiraling down… So did your looks…
Examples below:

What I’m saying is: why not give some actual visual feedback to phrases like “Elf you’ve looked better… A lot better” or “I suppose that’s my blood!”. I think it would look nice overall… Give a visual measure of how bloody a mess your team has gotten itself into.

Besides, who wants to see a zealot, hanging for dear life to his ever fleeting temporary HPs, with a clean robe? I mean, really? Not a spot on it? He should be a heap of scars and bloody gashes, propelled forward by sheer hamfisted will!

I got no clue on how much work would go into adding something like that to the game though.


while i would appriciate a feature like this, i think its far beyond of what we can expect coming to the game, why?

because that would be alot of work, weaving it in already existing systems without a major payoff for fatshark, “its a feature that should be part of the game and not gated behind a paywall”" an argument that is often used and is often justified, but in this case would be unfair to fatshark. as the work required is probably somewhat similar to a new career or maybe more.

im pretty sure most of fatsharks ressources are going towards Darktide, and the devs that remain on vermintide2 are mostlikely focusing on the 2 careers that remain and maybe if we are lucky some maps, i doubt we can expect any more to come.

Perhaps its something for vermintide 3, but i like the idea of your visual aspect reflecting how much sh*t you been through.

I wouldn’t sugest scars, but i’d say make the cosmetics tear up over the course of missions to look absolutely miserable after a few missions (or a single really dramatic one)
burn marks, puke stains, blood, water, mud as well damage.
Even paid ones, and to renew it you would have to repair it on lohner emporium using your shillings or for the poor man’s version of that, stand in the waterfall long enough (for stain removal only).

I really want to look at kruber shining impecable armor at the end of a mission and instantly associate it with someone whos a god at the game.

Regardless, what a great game, i am very optmist about dark tide, but i have a slight more interest in what they do to vermintide franshise, for thats my entry point.

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