Something like the Potions from VT in here for more varied gameplay would be lovely

I’m realizing how the idea of potions are just gone. Which is a bit sad, although potions weren’t a huge part of VT2 they did add a decent amount of variation to gameplay and thinking on the spot for tactical adaptations.

The idea of Stim packs are easy, and could do that pretty easily. Speed, strength, toughness, etc.


“Pills here!”

There are so many to pick from.

And it’s not like the Imperium, and particularly the Inquisition, has a moral problem with combat drugs. Some are banned substances only gangers and filthy heretics would use. But even Space Marines get dosed up on combat drugs via their power armor.

So yeah. VT2 already has the basic map for what works (movement/attack speed, damage, career special regen.) DT with its new mechanics could have additional ones like “Toughness Regeneration”, “Damage Resistance”, “Cleave Targets”, “Dodge Stamina”, etc…

Would give us something else to tie up the Medikit/Ammo Crate/Script/Grim slot.