An idea for a new set of in-game consumables: Combat Drugs

Many players who play this game have also already played the Vermintide series, and thus should be familiar with the potions that can be consumed in game to give your hero a quick boost to aid in your quest for survival. I think Darktide should something like as well, but modified to feel more in sync with the lore of Warhammer 40k universe. Thus I give to you the idea of Combat Drugs. So how would this different from potions of Vermintide? For starters, all Combat Drugs would found in syringes instead of bottles. Second, unlike potions Combat Drugs can used at least twice by your convict (once if you are an Ogyrn, big man need more). Third, while in the Vermintide series potions give a flat boost to a particular stat, Combat Drugs would give both a beneficial effect alongside a debuff, so a Combat Drug that increases stamina regen and sprinting speed could also make you more brittle to melee damage. Fourth and last, in the Vermintide series you can essentially spam potions one after another if you are on solo and have the correct equipment perks. For Darktide, you have take a break between doses or suffer the consequences, which in game would most likely be the same thing that happens when you have one too many ales in Vermintide 2’s “A Quiet Drink”.