Someone is Making a Darktide Shop Checker so You Don't Need to Login Every Hour

How does it seem like less of a waste of time? Does it reward you in some way I’m not aware of?

I don’t have to log in every hour and eat 4 long ass loading screens for each character, just to get a chance to find something good. I can just check it from the browser of my phone in 30 secs and be done with it if there isn’t anything good.


I don’t follow, what does that have to do with the end game not existing and being a waste of time?

IDK, maybe because it takes me all of 30 secs to check all 4 of my characters to see if there are any weapons worth logging in for. Or waste 5-10 minutes going through login screens running to shop, checking weapons. Seems clear to me which method saves me time.


Anyway I’m not checking it cause I allready give a F. I have tons of better things to do than checking a phone app to then connect to buy a weapon. I refuse to do anything related. It’s only worth comming in case they completely change the system.

Anyway, they have to change soooo many things to make this attractive. But… w/e


That’s the entirety of the end game, homey.


Only if you choose for it to be. You don’t need maxed out crap to do Damnation. The game is fully playable on the highest difficulty with a casual approach to your gear.

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And I can beat Cataclysm with blacksmith items:

What’s the point of your statement? It completely dismisses the grievances people have with loot acquisition. You know what’s fun about these games; trying out different builds and having fun with it. Then optimizing said builds to reach new heights of performance. This is what keeps the game fresh for those of us that get bored of running the same set up. I have no clue why this developer is so insistent with making it difficult for people to reach that enjoyment.

This is like playing a Dungeon and Dragons game with an overbearing Dungeon Master that is refusing you to optimize your character because of lame, petty, obscure reasons.


Indeed. The problem for me is that it’s also boring to just grab whatever works and win. Any nitwit can win like that. What makes winning Damnation fun for me is trying out different builds, different item combinations with different modifiers to achieve new and interesting ways to play and beat the game on the highest difficulty. That’s why Fatshark’s crafting system (and especially the lack of half of it) is so abhorrent to me and I will happily take any measure I can get to mitigate its shittiness.

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That’s still YOUR choice on how to play. The game can be played without obsessing over optimization at the highest difficulty. I swear Min/Maxers gamers have a sickness lol

Once again, you’ve completely missed the point in a vain attempt to impose your silly fabrication onto others. In a more succinct manner: player choice is predicated on the ability to play in whatever manner he or she desires. This entails being able to experiment and optimize to one’s delight. If this concept is alien to you. Then I sincerely wish you work on your empathy skills. Otherwise, there’s no point in humoring you on this.


This isn’t about minmaxing. It’s about having an endgame after beating the game on the highest difficulty.

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There is no endgame, this is not Wow.
You either find enjoyment in playing or stop playing the game to come back later to find that enjoyment again.

Anyway, this app will be a blessing. The forced login every hour to check the shop is the most obnoxious mechanic of the game.
None of the rest really matters. Having to wait for the crafting, blessing or feats not working, it doesn’t matter.

That shop mechanic just needs to go for good.
Have the armory refresh once a day with each category of weapon present 1-5 models, have 2-3 free refresh for categories and 3 expensive refresh (20/50/100k).
Or something, while Melk’s goes weekly with properly expensive good weapons.


You have the choice to either check the gear store casually, or check it so obsessively you need a 3rd party app on your phone.

Haha, Fatshark is bunch of losers, jesus. To think people actually FEEL THE NEED to develop this tool says more about game than any review will. Look at reactions here and on reddit. Look. People are HAPPY TO HAVE IT so they DONT HAVE TO LOG IN INTO THE GAME.

Hear that Fatshark? They are glad they don’t have to log in into your game to waste time. That’s what your game is and how you designed it: as one big waste of time. Actions speak louder than words and this is it.

The fact that this was even made is absolutely RIDDICULOUS. Kudos to them. Fatshark should feel ashamed.


And the developers have a choice to rework this shoddy system and implement a better process of obtaining new loot that doesn’t leave the player feeling like crap. Until then. Players are fully within their right to create tools that minimize the gross impact of this system. If you’re fine with this. Great. You’re the target audience of which these mobile design elements are targeted at.


Indeed. This isn’t WoW. It’s Darktide. A successor of the Vermintide series, as can be ascertained from the fact that both Vermintides have been developed by Fatshark, which is also the developer of this game, Darktide. In fact, both of these series have similar names too, allowing us to come to the conclusion that there are meant to be similarities between the two series. This is further backed up by the fact that Darktide was developed on the same engine, features most of the preceding games’ voice actors, copy-pasted the animations from the previous games, copy-pasted and only lightly changed several models from the previous games, and even retained quite a lot of the previous games’ item systems, as well as character skills.

The thing that made me play Vermintide 2 for thousands of hours was the fact that I was free to try out so many different item combinations. That was the endgame for me, and for so many others too as I keep reading from threads like these.

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Better like what? Random loot crates that give you trash more often than not? Or an item you want, but with very low odds of having the exact stats you want so you have to reroll them? It’s all RNG bullcrap.

Except that trash items you didn’t want could be melted down and turned into materials which you could then use to craft and keep improving the items you did want. Darktide doesn’t allow you to recycle items into raw materials to use on your existing items, it only allows you to sell them to buy new items. Vermintide gave the player agency and steady progress, Darktide doesn’t and relies solely on RNG for progress.


The gear progression was relatively linear. After you consistently got max power level items crafting let you turn any singular piece of gear into anything it could be. Darktide doesn’t even let us get a single weapon to the same stage that we could in VT2 in a feasible time frame.

Max stat gear is only marginally better than good stat gear and isn’t anymore compelling than it was in VT2, Fatshark stretching the grind out to infinity just feels cheap and unrewarding.