Someone is Making a Darktide Shop Checker so You Don't Need to Login Every Hour

Details here:

Sad that we need this, but here it is. If you’re wondering, it’s using information that’s already in the game we purchased. It just tracks it for you and on a separate site. No more loading screens just to see if there’s a decent weapon in the store.


Ooh boi. If this thing becomes a thing Fatshark is not gonna be happy. Watch player counts drop with people not having to log in every hour to check the shop. Womp Womp.


Man this was almost inevitable. Another bomb going off for FS and they’ve got to try and defuse it.

Its like an ogryn is just lobbing satchels around blowing the living t*ts out of the launch.


…Good? What are they gonna do about it? This is all legal. It’s all info we have on our disks, sorted for us on a convenient website.

I almost hope they try and shut it down, just for the PR backlash.


I only check the shop when I log into the game because I’m in the mood to play and I only check once every few missions.


I didn’t think that was possible ; but now that it’s almost here, I can only say that FS will reap what they sowed.


Does fatshark not realize how badly they f up?


By Khaine, I sure hope so.


Its insane we even need this in a PVE, non competitive game.

Im not even sure how TinyTuna thought this was a good idea.


Frankly, they couldn’t care less. To them and their shareholders, the game is already a success, because they got it onto the market for the christmas season. Cosmetics transactions will keep it afloat for at least a while, and when it starts becoming not profitable anymore, they will slap the “We’re done” patch on it and call it a day.


Unlucky for them though, people are not going to forget what they did. Darktide caused too much noise with its marketing. The only way forward for Fatshark is to work on the game and salvage it. If they don’t do that. Their next product is not going to sell as well.


Nah, mate, this is not the only community of gamers, and we aren’t the only ones you can sell a game to. If they shed this crowd, they’ll just find another one.


Rofl, some people so desperate, they log in just for the shop? xD


It won’t work, the shop is random for everyone.

I’m assuming this actually for data collection for another purpose.

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Idk man i got it running on my phone and it seems to be showing exactly what is in my shop :man_shrugging:


Please don’t go ballistic when you see this Fatshark, instead take this as a sign that something needs to change with the gearing process in this game.


tell me you’re just barely able to press the huge, red, labeled “ON” button to turn your PC on and you can’t do much beyond that, without telling me you’re just barely able to press the huge, red, labeled “ON” button to turn your PC on and you can’t do much beyond that.

it’ll obviously require each individual to log in in some form or another, possibly even requiring less than a log-in.
We know that the shop is randomized and individualized—thank you, for pointing out the extremely obvious issue.
If only you would’ve taken even a cursory glance at what they’ve currently got up and running and not just spouted your ignorant drivel. If. Only.

forgot to mention the MOST important part:
it’s such a pathetic state of affairs that an app like this is even required. just speaks for the minb-bogglingly braindead design. genuinely feels like it was designed by a chatbot AI and nobody took a look at this shop system and said, “wow… this is really, incredibly stupid. let’s not implement this.”

how this horrible system is even in this game is beyond me (and this is by far not the only system that’s just bad in this game).


Now it’s truly a mobile game. With extra steps.


They made the shop a mobile gacha shop, now we’re just bringing it home to where it belongs.


Man this feels good, I see a 375 weapon, I log in only one charater and buy it without checking the rest of garbage.

From the deepest part of my heart, eat a big pile of corpse starch whoever designed the shop! Endgame now feels less of a waste of time.